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  1. Scaling them up is good and all, but I, for one, am certainly going to try playing with the scale to get it right. If I can select via area or hotkeyed groups, I'd love to have "little black dots buzzing around."
  2. I dont know the game Empires, but The Moon Project did the same thing, and allowed you to control as many things as you wanted at once. I think the only catch was that you couldn't build while you had anything besides a construction vehicle selected. But that's no biggie. And yes, I do hope very much so that we'll be able to control as many as we like and not have to select/deselect groups over and over.
  3. The moon project/Lost souls (the same game, different campaign) Something about that game I just can't get over. Maybe it has something to do with unlimited # of units controlled at once, or a ton of customizability with the units and buildings. Only thing missing from this game was a scripting tool with the map editor.
  4. I've never liked this mission, nor have I mastered it (yavin is a little too much for my POS comp to handle) but I like to take the rebel base and camp it, making sure you keep 2-3 AI in there with you if it comes down to you vs 50.
  5. the z-95 is in no way the x-wing's predecessor. It is even till in production and use well after the x-wing is heavily popularized. and the ectual x-wing was never an imperial unit. The Incom guys that brought it to the rebels brought it before the empire decided on the design. there may have been a couple of prototypes, but that's all.
  6. you must not have played SWR that much then. You could order a cpital ship to go to the upper corner of the map if you wanted to. you just had to switch navigation modes and click the proper navigation point (displayed as triangles)
  7. I remember one story about some straight A student being expelled to one of those "secondary schools" (read: dead f**king end) because a plastic butterknife had been left in the bed of his pickup truck after he helped his grandmother move. This zero tolerance stuff is bull. I carry a swiss army knife just about everywhere I go, and they aren't going to stop me from carrying it at school. Fortunately for me, I'm part of my school's tech crew, so I'm allowed (not technically, but the pricipal allows it) to carry mine around.
  8. Here in Florida you can get the learners permit at 15 and license at 16.
  9. oh, yeah...whoops...I completely forgot about that search I was going to do...sorry guys.
  10. I guess its a good thing that I've never purchased anything from EA, then.
  11. Also, when you are a rebel vanguard and the atat is close, dont let your rockets lock on and shoot for the neck (not the head) They do about 2x as much damage there.
  12. Actually, in high school, it's JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps). You can't enter ROTC until you're 17.
  13. Yes, unfortunately since it is Minnesota-based, it would be within US jurisdiction if I "lost" their SQL file. However, it would be hard to trace...but I wont do that, as it would be a worthless and futile gesture, utterly wasted on that scum. </soapbox>
  14. Actually, natural selection (aka "survival of the fittest") has been completely removed from our society (most specifically us/europe)
  15. It would never happen, their mods would ban anyone who posted against them. Personally, I think that it would be no grat loss if that board's sql file..."magically dissapeared." Anyone else agree? (BTW, the SQL file is where all posts and user info is kept)
  16. I've been working on this for a while, but it just wont happen until we crack the LUA coding for the game and can decompile and recompile mission.lvl completely, as you cannot change the size of the LUA bytecode, but rest assured, the people over at gametoast are making progress on this, too.
  17. I can tell you three things that make battlefront better than BF42: graphics, AI, potential. This game will just keep going because there is so much that this game was designed to do, but never got used. (about 40% of it, I believe) Besides, aside from wanting to start a mini-flame war, what the hell is the point of this thread? If you dont like the game, go away and dont bother us. If you have some sort of constructive criticism, maybe then you should post.
  18. I'm 15, but I know I act a bit more mature than most 15 year olds I know.
  19. I like to keep my desktop nice and simple. InsaneSith, what OS do you have?
  20. You shouldn't have to bribe kids to learn. Objectivism eliminated. Measure of active learning capacity eliminated. So now there's even less of a challenge there... Too bad most people take Algebra 2 senior year (yes it's sad but true) So now we dont even have to show that we can link concepts. So....what of value, aside from some math, does the SAT have left?
  21. This december (cant remember the actual date) is the last test date for the old SAT (not SAT II) After that date, all tests administered will have more algebra 2, no analogies section, and an essay section.
  22. As for the SAT, it's being dumbed down taking effect Q1 2005. They have removed the analogies section, which was used for a long time as it is an excellent measure of your IQ, or how quickly/effectively you connect ideas. They have also added another 800 point essay section. This section (IMHO) will kill any shred of objectivism left in this "objective evaluation," as essays cannot be graded objectively.
  23. I'm definately going to get it, but which platform (PC or XBOX) will be decided when it comes out. If I,ve built my new comp but then, or its on its way, I'm getting it for PC. Otherwise, XBOX.
  24. my GeForce2 MX (64mb) runs it well at 1024x768
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