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  1. Roger on that, wonder if that was suppose to be that way???
  2. Wow, what a critic. Dude, answer this, what patch is CS on? Why do they run a beta for CS: Source? The multi-player interface needs work but as you can see with the 1.00a patch, they are working on it. Plus Battlefront is along the same lines as the battlefield series (pretty much related) and not anything of HL, JKII, and JA. And if you've ever played the original Battlefield 1942, they had a bugged first release too but look at them now. I understand your frustrations but cut them slack. I'm sure you'd want Joe Public to do the same for you if you were in their shoes!
  3. Finish your games and allow the next game to load, select a team, spawn point, and play the next map for approx 10 to 30 second, then disconnect. Why do I say this, because it may give gamestats time to collect the data from the finished round. Gametrack.org and bftracks run on a similar collection of data. I would think gamestats.gamespy.com may do the same. 95% of my rounds are received so I'd tend to lean on this possibility.
  4. Well if you've played BF1942 after 1.6 patch and BFV you'll see that voting is the worse you can do to game. Nothing worse than having the opponent in sight and the damn voting screen comes up. And not just to kick, the map changing requests were done to death. Hopefully blackbagopts gets involved with SWBF. His was the best for linux!
  5. Hmmm didn't realize that the Bug Reports/Requests/Game Feedback forum was just for battlefront. I was thinking this was the general battlefront forums. Oops, I guess no harm done, maybe mod will move it.
  6. I think this is first time I've ever seen stats be logged for playing against bots. Maybe PS2 already has this abuse but I could be wrong. Reset of leaderboards on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.
  7. Its still a good game. Never know how the battles going to go unlike playing de_dust over and over on CS: Source. Nice suggestions Barcrest. All might be considered by the devs that read the forums. As for the picking up enemy weapons, I'm glad we can't. That just leads to same thing happened to BFV with the M-60 before the 1.1 patch.
  8. Well the whole multi-player interface needs improved, I won't disagree with that. As for the stat taking, I understand the concern. Especially the good games where you rack up a killer K:D ratio and its not logged. The PS2 shouldn't have issues like the PC does. Why? What varies from one PS2 to another? Only controllers if that. As for PC's its another world so I'm sure Pandemic probably didn't have time to test every configuration out. Some win, some lose, hence patches.
  9. Hey don't complain when only a portion of your stats show-up, I was just trying to help.
  10. At the very top, next to Player # is [Find]
  11. Hehe, 12 minutes on cable. I've never seen that before but am interested to see it. Thanks!
  12. Stats work, you just have to use gamespy arcade. All my time has been logged. I hope they work on the multi-player interface though, something similar to battlefield 1942. Or add a chat room like what age of mythology has. Easier to meet folks and join their games.
  13. Are you blokes using gamespy arcade as your launch engine? I've heard its the only way for you to have your stats tracked. I guess you could pay the developers of gametrack.org to develop the code to track battlefront.
  14. Well if you've played BFV, you'd agree that 60 to 80% (depends on the maps) majority picks the solider or assault class. I wish they had a PC demo out already but I guess they have their reasons on releasing it too soon. Of course the CS: Source beta has been out for about a month now and I doubt it will hurt the HL2 sales. Possibly make it better.
  15. Droideka or Pilot. The pilot will be definitely useful with a fussioncutter to repair vehicles while having a handy supply dispenser for medical healing.
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