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  1. I hvae 2 new PC's which are the latest (greatest my ass) versions of Windows 7. How do I get all of my old cool ass games such as DF, JK, MOTS, SOTE, etc... to run on it? Please help!!
  2. Okay, it's been a while since I installed Add-on files for jk/mots. I can't get the bloody thing to work. Can someone please help me? I need step by step directions on where to put what files to get this thing up & running. Somebody please HBO (help a brother out) so's I can plays zis games,!!
  3. Any new info? Anybody? Bueller?...Bueller?...Bueller?
  4. I need some help here. First, I need the original Lucasarts episode.jk file that used to be available for download but has now long since vanished due to the age of the game and LA's website. Second, Can someone tell me how to get the Jedi Knight Enhanced MOD/Add-On level working? I hate to beg for help, but is has been so long since I have used add-ons for this game, and I have lost all my CD's with all of the add on files I used to have. Thanks for any help. I really appreciate it. MG
  5. I need a little help here...JK and MOTS are so old now that I can't find the one file I need to use add on levels since I last rebuilt my computer. Someone PLEASE email me the original LUCASARTS episode.jk file so I can use add ons for this game. Please send it to mikegunther1969@aol.com Thanks, Mike
  6. A weekly update would be nice...Even if it's just a quick little note or two, it's better than having a surprise every 2-3 months. Anyone care to chime in on this one here?
  7. I read a post on MODDB a week or two ago which mentioned the fact that Spring Break 2007 (next weekend) is the release date for the all new 6-level (and possibly final) release for the MOD. Are there any thuths to these rumors?
  8. I say release what you have...the next 3 levels, and call it a done deal. Any team that can make a highly detailed 6-level MOD should at least finish the last 3 levels. Your work is simply awesome, and inspiring to the rest of the modding community. It is because of your spectacular MOD that the DF2MOD and SOTE MOD were started in the first place. We all remember how this saga started, with DF...and you the DF MOD Team resurrected a great original game, with the already spectacular new Q3AJA engine, raw talent, sheer will and determination, global (really...this team is worldwide) coordination, and no form of a paycheck whatsoever for your hard work and efforts except a "thanks" from the entire modding community. Now you'll excuse me if I'm curt with you because time is short...so pretty please, with sugar on it, release the f-in' MOD (yes I borrowed from Pulp Fiction lol). Thank you all again, best of luck to all of you in whatever you do with your creative talents and exceptional skills, and as always, MTFBWY!!! MG
  9. Glad to hear that all is well with the forum rebuild, and that we will not (praying) lose any info. I was a little concerned but then I realized...hey this is Jedispy's thang, ya know?...It's cool...he wouldn't lose everything , he'll back it up!! I can't wait myself (spoilers here but not click to view) to see a few more versions of the levels that have been worked on. After all, half of the fun of building a mod is getting to play before everone else!!!! See ya in 2K6!!! Peace!!! MG
  10. Download and install all of the latest patches for JK from Lucasarts, and then do the same for your Video/graphics card. For more info, also click on the forum listing here http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=155045, you will find some very helpful info from the entire community!! Good Luck, Mike
  11. Okay, Here goes........ Once in the fuel station itself the first thing you do is blast the Gran straight ahead, go to the wall panel and hit the switch. This is the only swith you need to hit to adjust the fuel levels. (quicksave there). Proceed down the ramp fragging everything in sight, making your way downward until you come to the control room directly under the entrance to the station. (not the control room directly ahead, you have already cleared that one to move down to this point) Blast all enemies, and make your way into the crawl sapce to find the wrench, and elevator. Go up the elevator to get the wrench. Once this is done, work your way back down to the bottom of the station, again, clearing all enemies as you go. Open the first door on the large tank in front of you. Go inside, turn around, and close the door. You are now in the tank with both doors locked. Kyle will say something about not using blasterfire in here. Go to the end of the tank, open the door, go thru, and close it right behind you again. (quicksave here too). From here on out it is a little long and drawn out run, with lots of fuel as a hazard. CHECK YOUR FIRE!! Last tip, remember to lock the big rotating gear-like doors behind you in the main fuel tunnels, you can not proceed unless you do!! I'll leave the rest open so I don't ruin it for you!! Good luck, May the force be with you!!
  12. Quoted from the website "And there are simply too many modern and visually more attractive games out there." I say bah-humbug.....not true. The first 2 releases were fantastic (the first level for JO, then the 3 level demo for JA), and the MODDING/Gaming community is still salavating at the chance to play out the rest of the DF MOD, however it turns out. No matter How Many "prettier games" are out there, we still want our Dark Forces!!!! Hooyah!!! This is just another encouraging pat on the back to keep encouraging the DF MOD Team along...so everyone else out there just put up a qucikie post to tell the DF MOD team that we STILL want Dark Forces for Jedi Academy!!!! Mike
  13. I think he did a snowtrooper, so you may just have to ask for that one. He does not have all of his works available for immediate download.
  14. I have experienced this problem myself. I just recently installed a G-Force 4 card, and needless to say I encountered a few (sigh) problems with older games. JA worked like poodoo until I downloaded and installed the driver updates...3 different updates (they were all released within the same month thank goodness) until it worked properly to be exact. Download the latest Factory drivers for your card and install them....plain and simple. Ninety Percent of the time, this is always the best fix for any display problem. From my experiecne with the Nvidia G-Force Chipsets (and this is only my opinion here), G-Force cards are made to look forward, not backward, so most of the updates fix bugs concerning issues with older games. If this doesn't work, you may want to consider putting together a used, older configuration windows 95c/98 pc to play all of your older games. I'm gonna do the same thing within the next 6 months. I have come to the harsh realization that this may indeed be the best course of action ( hey I mean c'mon, we all still have an old NES in the closet to play Mario Brothers right?). I have my eyes on a few buddies' older PC's and they would make a nice chassis upon which to build a nice high-end, low budget Windows 95c/98 PC to play older games at screaming framerates. You could buy, and rebuild a P3 733, or a P4 1.0/1.2 for around $300 and have a kick ass older pc for all of the old stuff. Buy the system for around $25-100 maximum, (Search the classified ads, Goodwill/Salvation Army thrift stres,. People donate them there all the time.), get a video card, sound card, new HD, O/S, RAM (this will be the hardest item to find if you dont have enough RAM) and high speed CD-ROM drive (if needed) for the other $100-$200, and you're set. A couple of tips here... first, and foremost, don't network it, or use it for internet...period. THIS IS YOUR "GAMING SYSTEM". You can maintain killer speed and memory by not having to use Antivirus, Spyware Blocking, and Firewall. Second, do the whole tear out and rebuild all at once. It saves time doing the configurations and setups once your power it up. Third, Put in a SOUNDBLASTER 16 sound card. You won't need anything else if you are playing year 2000 and back. Don't worry about AWE 3D cards, (Diamond Sound, Turtle Beach), as they are not compatible for older DOS based shooters such as Wolfenstein, Doom, Duke, and DF. As far as video goes, get the best you can for the system you buy, and you will have a butt-kickin' budget gaming PC for years to come!!. Good Luck, Mike
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