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  1. I hvae 2 new PC's which are the latest (greatest my ass) versions of Windows 7. How do I get all of my old cool ass games such as DF, JK, MOTS, SOTE, etc... to run on it? Please help!!
  2. Okay, it's been a while since I installed Add-on files for jk/mots. I can't get the bloody thing to work. Can someone please help me? I need step by step directions on where to put what files to get this thing up & running. Somebody please HBO (help a brother out) so's I can plays zis games,!!
  3. I need a little help here...JK and MOTS are so old now that I can't find the one file I need to use add on levels since I last rebuilt my computer. Someone PLEASE email me the original LUCASARTS episode.jk file so I can use add ons for this game. Please send it to mikegunther1969@aol.com Thanks, Mike
  4. Download and install all of the latest patches for JK from Lucasarts, and then do the same for your Video/graphics card. For more info, also click on the forum listing here http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=155045, you will find some very helpful info from the entire community!! Good Luck, Mike
  5. Okay, Here goes........ Once in the fuel station itself the first thing you do is blast the Gran straight ahead, go to the wall panel and hit the switch. This is the only swith you need to hit to adjust the fuel levels. (quicksave there). Proceed down the ramp fragging everything in sight, making your way downward until you come to the control room directly under the entrance to the station. (not the control room directly ahead, you have already cleared that one to move down to this point) Blast all enemies, and make your way into the crawl sapce to find the wrench, and elevator. Go up
  6. Anyone have a copy of JED v.95? I need it...my son wants to mod JK. Check this out...he's 9...and he wants to do a DF level in JK. "how come nobody did it that way Dad? Jedi Knight is the best game out of them all!!" I could not answer. Anyhoo, I need JED. That ought to keep him busy, and off of RuneScape for a while.
  7. ...And to think level 9 was also the DEMO!! Once you get to the bottom, open the large circular doors, run through then close each one ebhind you before you head for the next one. DO this until you get to the bottom of the pipe, slice the vent with your saber and keep on going until you hit the control room, ride the bigazz elevator all the way to the top......you'll figure it out from there......
  8. I need to get the sound effects library from JK/MOTS. If anyone has it for download/uplaod or can give me the info on extracting the files I would appreciate it. I plan on Using a handful of the effects for the SOTE MOD for JA. PM me or email mikegunther1969@aol.com Thanks, Mike
  9. OK, maybe it doesn't suck, but you're right, it's no gaming platform. The best gaming platform was DOS...ahh I digress.......
  10. Windows 2000 and Windows ME Both suck!!...Period. I had Countless issues with both OS's. If the problem is not the OS, it may be your video card drivers need to be updated for the OS you are using. I recently updated my WINDWOS XP with MS Service pack 2, and JK and MOTS both failed to even work. I then (after a reminder from my genius 8 year old son) went to my video card manufacturer's web site to get the latest drivers for WINDOWS XP, then it worked fine. I hope this helps.
  11. The one thing which blows the mind more than anything is the jump accuracy. It is truly unbelievabe. This person must do nothing else in life other than play games. I am contemplating a speedrun just for shyts and giggles, but I don't think I could break 5:00 on level 1. BTW, how does one go about recording the entire run?
  12. Whilw watching the speedrun video I often times found myself awestruck and baffled. The phrase "no f@#$ing way jumped from my lips on several occasions especially the level 5/6 run and the level 13 run. Hats off to this guy. It was not only fast but so many shortcuts I have never seen before, yet even known abooot (little south park tribute)
  13. OK Folks.......Quick Update..........The Prodigal son (8 yrs old) strikes again......"Daddy did you update the video card (drivers) lately?" Sure enuff, a quick nvidia update for xp/restart, and happy fragging. I hope this helps anyone else who runs into the same debacle with XP/Sp2 MG
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