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    Student at a hell hole err I mean a school full of evil children err I mean a school with tweakers and whores and other freaky kids wait thats not what I mean

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  1. Thanks for the welcome everybody. It isn't really me typing this- I am talking to someone over the phone and they are typing this- How is everyone doing? I am going to get a computer around Christmas. I have no clue when I am going to get the internet. every two weeks I will be making posts from this compurer. g2g
  2. WASSUP EVERYONE, I haven't posted in like forever. Been busy alot. I got one chance to use my friends comp and ill be on for like 20 minutes. But just wanted to say hi and pretty soon if i get my own comp and internet ill be on alot more. Major cool neew layout but I got lost looking for this board So whats new? edit: yet im the only one here when i finally get the chance to stop by :/ edit: gotta go peace out
  3. "Thats no moon, thats a melon!"
  4. "Your next PSP!" "Very well. I shall show you the power I ensnared god himself!." Pure gold
  5. Man, that freaking sucks badly My prayers are with you GothiX.
  6. Mine goes on forever... I beat KOTOR for the millions of times and I said to my uncle that the game gets boring after playing it for months. I kept complaining so he suggested holowan. He never really did tell me what it was but he mention LF and Labs. So finally I googled it and came across holowan. I pretty much stuck there until I got into Jedi Academy where I moved to the Swamp. Then I decided to lurk everywhere and post at Battlefront sometimes. But im still a n00b.
  7. The trick to making burgers is when people are assholes, or dont leave tip, spit in there food.
  8. Happy B-day !!! Try to score more than once tonight or tomorrow.
  9. Now I listen to that like I do with every song on my computer. 3 thumbs up man!
  10. Well now I can't remember my first avatar but with this name it was a picture of theoutrider. Then I changed it to Kagura from Azumanga Daioh (best anime/manga in the world imo) then I changed it to this... My girlfriend. (jk I was bored
  11. I would have a panicking guy next to me take a picture of me next to the screaming president, put it in a post card, send it to Japan and have them make a game of it.
  12. **** ***** ******** ***** **** ***** *******
  13. We've listed our thought about the pope and this is turning into a political debate. If the moderators would be kind enough to lock.
  14. thank lord im not on my moms crap computer and far far away, she wouldn't care though :/ now lets see what that is edit: **** it **** it **** it I can't see the ****ing file cause of the server
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