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  1. Thanks for the welcome everybody. It isn't really me typing this- I am talking to someone over the phone and they are typing this- How is everyone doing? I am going to get a computer around Christmas. I have no clue when I am going to get the internet. every two weeks I will be making posts from this compurer. g2g
  2. WASSUP EVERYONE, I haven't posted in like forever. Been busy alot. I got one chance to use my friends comp and ill be on for like 20 minutes. But just wanted to say hi and pretty soon if i get my own comp and internet ill be on alot more. Major cool neew layout but I got lost looking for this board So whats new? edit: yet im the only one here when i finally get the chance to stop by :/ edit: gotta go peace out
  3. "Thats no moon, thats a melon!"
  4. "Your next PSP!" "Very well. I shall show you the power I ensnared god himself!." Pure gold
  5. Man, that freaking sucks badly My prayers are with you GothiX.
  6. Mine goes on forever... I beat KOTOR for the millions of times and I said to my uncle that the game gets boring after playing it for months. I kept complaining so he suggested holowan. He never really did tell me what it was but he mention LF and Labs. So finally I googled it and came across holowan. I pretty much stuck there until I got into Jedi Academy where I moved to the Swamp. Then I decided to lurk everywhere and post at Battlefront sometimes. But im still a n00b.
  7. The trick to making burgers is when people are assholes, or dont leave tip, spit in there food.
  8. Happy B-day !!! Try to score more than once tonight or tomorrow.
  9. Now I listen to that like I do with every song on my computer. 3 thumbs up man!
  10. Well now I can't remember my first avatar but with this name it was a picture of theoutrider. Then I changed it to Kagura from Azumanga Daioh (best anime/manga in the world imo) then I changed it to this... My girlfriend. (jk I was bored
  11. I would have a panicking guy next to me take a picture of me next to the screaming president, put it in a post card, send it to Japan and have them make a game of it.
  12. **** ***** ******** ***** **** ***** *******
  13. We've listed our thought about the pope and this is turning into a political debate. If the moderators would be kind enough to lock.
  14. thank lord im not on my moms crap computer and far far away, she wouldn't care though :/ now lets see what that is edit: **** it **** it **** it I can't see the ****ing file cause of the server
  15. NO! That is NOT appropriate ~ET
  16. /SW_ep3_trailer_captioned.wmv You have been wise to search out this file my young padawan. In searching you will have learned that the journey does not end here. Because this file has grown so strong in the force and has become a threat to my bandwidth it had to be destroyed. Now go seek out one of 133t Sith Master Nuar's other mirrored sites and remember to contribute to the cause. "Force Lightning Rules"!!! wtf??? this is what showed up yay 7 worked now its taking forever to buffer!!! finished rofl that was friggin hilarious
  17. I guess your right, the sadness of his death cause a bit of anger. My apologies.
  18. Q. Why don't gangsters listen to country? A. Because everytime they say ho down they think there sisters getting shot Funnier ones to come.
  19. Then for pete sakes get out of the thread!!! Im really saddened by this, non-religious believers are saddened too, he was a good man.
  20. I hate aol, 56k, and stuff my young teen settings don't let me see, parents won't change it because we reformated the HD and they just are too lazy, not to lazy to give my sis whos one year older than me though [/flamingburningangerrant]
  21. Am I the only one who knew I was being sarcastic . I really like punk bands, punk pop bands, and other stuff too, I was merely cracking a smartass comment. And yeah im a huge fan o' green day. Im sorry for all the confusion .
  22. I never knew about that... Hacker=awesome
  23. Punk owns all other music, real punk not crap pop punk.... Couldn't help it.
  24. Oh you look like a prickly rat? Anyways... those comics were amusing, slightly funny, not the best ever but they hit the spot.
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