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  1. I just got a Wii this weekend and it would be PERFECT for a Jedi Knight game. Anyone hear anything new?
  2. I guess there's just no avoiding a topic like this turning into a "I haven't heard anything, but it would be cool if..........." thread. Maybe, but I still love Jedi Academy. I just hope they make a new one before people completely stop playing JA.
  3. Could you please post the email address you sent that to? I would like to send one also, expressing my hopes for a new JK game.
  4. LOL!! Sorry to get your hopes up Rice. Let me see if I can improve upon the title a bit. A poll might be cool......
  5. I am looking to see if anyone knows of any rumors or facts about a new Jedi Knight game. Not about the storyline or what you hope it will or will not have. I'm looking to see if anyone knows anyone from Lucasarts that may have leaked something or anything of that nature. I want to know IF this game is actually going to happen. I've seen threads that have had similar comments but they always seem to become tainted with people's fantasies of the game play. For this thread I really dont care about detail of the game itself. I'm just looking for what people know about it coming out and why or why it may not come out.
  6. If I do that wont I lose everything I've downloaded?
  7. I'm looking forward to checking this out, but I have a fear that I might not be able to. I know I am not the only one that this has happened to but because of all the DLs I have added to my Jedi Academy folder for MP gaming, I am unable to play the SP version anymore. Does anyone know why or how this happened to me?? Or what I can do to fix it? I'm thinking it was the JA+ Client side plug in that massed with the SP version. I've never tried a mod so I dont know if that will correct my problem or what. Any insight would be cool.
  8. Can anyone recomend a program to make skins? I've never really done 3D graphics before, so something easy to use would be the best for me to get started on.
  9. I have a question.. I'm stuck on this part: http://img83.exs.cx/img83/5703/25-15.jpgKill the Jedi here, then slice these two chains, jump up into the now open roof. Go over the tomb behind you as you come up, and go into the door for end level. For some reason when I cut the chains, go through the roof and go to the door it is closed and locked..... why?
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