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  1. So after proudly replaying Kotor1 on my new(er) computer I install the sequel to replay it as well. To my dismay, I am instead of the splash screen met by this horrific sight. What is this? ANOTHER drive? Let me recite part of the system requirements on the back of the box. "CD-ROM Speed: Quad Speed CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive recommended." Nowhere does it states that this game requires two(!) disc drives, yet when I attempt to start it it refers to "another" drive, thus stating that I must have more than one(Which I don't). As the sequel runs on an essentially identical engine to the original, why did Obsidian Entertainment decide it was a fabulous idea to restrict the game to pirates and users with two disc drives? I have attempted to solve this in numerous ways, though evidently I did not succeed. How does I solve problem. Edit: By the way I have vista and why won't IMG tags work
  2. You can get it on Steam (I recommend this, great speeds) or pretty much everywhere else. I'll list a few for your convenience. http://www.fileplanet.com/promotions/bioshock/ http://www.gamershell.com/download_20697.shtml And also a Piratebay torrent http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3778797/BioShock_PC_Demo Almost 1000 seeds, should give decent speeds if you've got your ports forwarded.
  3. How is it relevant to this forum? It isn't. Hasn't it already been posted in another section? Hell if I know. I realize anyone who cares about it already knows, but I'll get you the story. Fileplanet releases encrypted preload of demo. Fileplanet are stupid enough to keep the unencrypted version on their servers. Something Awful Goons work their demon magic and snatch the demo, it is removed from the fileplanet servers a few hours later. Countless mirrors/torrents are made. Everyone is happy. Oh and I made this thread here because I can and it needs a new thread.
  4. So after planning to get this game for nearly two years, I finally got it pretty cheap. You see, when I click "New game" and "The Beginning" loads, I simply get a crash to desktop when it's finished loading. I surpass the minimum requirements by far, I have 2.6 Ghz Dual Core Processor Nvidia 8800 GTS 640 MB 2 gigabytes of RAM Windows Vista I think this may be a Vista incompability, or maybe I'm just stupid. I've updated my drivers and what not.
  5. Just set the DS system clock forward one day and migrate six more.
  6. what is this place i want my money back
  7. I've bought it, and it's really nice. I like the smoothness of the menus, and the hoverballs are cool.
  8. The day of release is upon us. Let's celebrate.
  9. Yes, you heard it. If you're interested, you probably already know it, but here you go.
  10. Well then. I will eat your soul!
  11. Oh snap. I would believe Fealiks has a higher postcount than me. I will now proceed to spamming mindlessly.
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