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  1. LoL! Now that(communicating [on a message board] from the grave) would be some trick! And worthy of a . No excuse whatsoever. Yeah, 60's is not unusal. I'm not quite that old - yet. Give me another 13+ years and I'll be there.
  2. My answer to the question posted in this topic could quite possibly drive - you - all... insane.
  3. Yeah, I figured most had seen that thread(1.01 patch) and read it but added the link to the thread anyway.
  4. To Xbox Live players: Post about the update and describe the results - if any. If anyone is reading this and is wondering "what update?" read the first post in this thread.
  5. I think the AI is good. I really can't complain about it. I thought it was kinda funny when shortly after I started playing the game I had a Rebel pilot chasing me around 'till I realized he was trying to drop me some health/ammo. He was very persistent.
  6. As quoted in my first post: Granted, it's not much to go on, but they are aware and are working on fixes and upgrades related to issues experienced with the Xbox version - as well as the other versions. I suggest reading what LucasArts said in the two threads I provided links to. As more info comes in I'll update this thread. Thanks.
  7. True. Spectator mode would hardly even be a consideration with all Pandemic has to fix as it is. I wouldn't discount the idea entirely though. Could show up in an add-on or upgrade down the road.
  8. We be cleanin' Banthas. Welcome. Have some popcorn.
  9. Maybe this thread should be stuck so anyone having issues with SWBF can read the development teams' official announcement? Seems many complaints(on this and other boards) are addressed in their thread.
  10. Last updated 10/15/04 Remember to check back here often! 10/15/04: Yet another update!: The SWBF development team posted another thread with previews of what to expect soon. Each update listed will be incorporated: Click here to read the entire post. 10/13/04: LucasArts posted a thread speaking to people using Road Runner as their ISP: 10/09/04 There's also a Stuck thread on this forum regarding the V 1.01 SWBF patch for pc owners which I'm sure most have seen. For others who haven't, here's the link . 10/08/04: Nothing real new in the way of fixes but the SW Development Team posted another [locked] thread to assure all concerned they are still busy working on fixes and upgrades @ LucasArts.com: Here UPDATE 9/28/2004: Xbox Live Auto-Update for Star Wars: Battlefront Major Nelson, Director of Programming for Xbox Live earlier announced there will be an auto-update that addresses "some connectivity issues" Xbox Live subscribers have experienced with SWBF. This is a required/mandatory update. Anyone logging on to Live via SWBF after 3PM EST should see the prompt. If for some reason you don't it's suggested to please sign out of Xbox Live, and power cycle your box and sign in again. You should receive the prompt for the auto update at that time. If you continue to have problems, call 1-800-4MYXBOX. In addition users who wish to play together with this title must both have the auto update. *note*There is no way to force the ability to receive the auto update. Also of note is the fact the development team is also working on Xbox Live related issues such as Voice recognition(being able to tell who's speaking) and Leaderboards. You can read about that in .this thread @ LucasArts.com . For Major Nelson's announcement, you'll find that here. *Note* You must be registered and logged in at the xbox.com forums to read the announcement. But, I already pasted the relevant info. That's all for now. UPDATE: PS2 Patch released As posted in this thread : The original Star Wars Battlefront development team thread is now locked but the issues addressed still apply. It appears solutions for most, if not all problems are forthcoming. Just an excerpt: lec_webjedi wrote: To read the entire post; click here. Thanks.
  11. damn n00bs... Seriously, anyone who has frequented popular videogame related boards knows the population tends to see an increase which coincides with the release of a big game. It's to be expected. It's also to be expected that some will have strong opinions boasting about the game or some even complaining about the game. People are entitled either way, unless it's obvious trolling. Just my opinion.
  12. I appreciate the welcome everybody. I've been checking out the forums (including Yoda's Swamp) and they're definitely thriving.
  13. Alegis; Some sweet looking wallpapers. Good to know the devs are providing input here. I find it fairly uncommon that demos act as a good barometer for judging a game though. There are exceptions, like the Battlefront demo, but again, this would be an exception rather than the rule. Mountainforest; thanks for the welcome.
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