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  1. Thanks for the info. I stand corrected.
  2. Because they are the most marketable out of the series.
  3. Start at a spawnpoint closest to an enemy point, charge it and cpature. Make sure you don't get too swept up in killing badguys in the middle of the map, shoot who you have to and get the command points otherwise you're toast.
  4. Incorrect. The saga follows the story of Anakin Skywalker and his SON Luke. There are 3 trilogies. 123, 456, 789. 789 will likley never be made. ^^^ This is the general consencus, unless you can provide several links to credible sources to back your argument, I see no reason to beleive otherwise.
  5. I don't feel more stupid when I learn something new, I feel more intelligent. Isn't it supposed to work that way? I'm 18 by the way.
  6. Actually he WAS wrong, but you're still the one, along with agent smith who took a whole half a page calling me an "idiot" "stupid" and a "fourteen year old". But meh. Let he among us who is without sin cast the first stone, right?
  7. I agree the scene with Jabba looks really strange, and Han not firing first really is not consistant with his charecter, but I appreciate the movies being freshened up for DVD none the less.
  8. Thanks for the article, seems I was mistaken. Learn something new everyday. What I don't appreciate is the attitude and tone you've taken with me for no reason. I didn't say anything inflamitory, nor did I insult you, I posted what was withtin the realms of my own knowlege, which was flawed. Yet you call me immature "14 year olds who come in here" blah blah. Take a look in the mirror, bub. You're the one flaming me just because I've read a bit less than you. I maintain that I can't notice the diffrence, perhaps its because for 4 years I was playing on a terrible machine that routinley got less than 20 FPS on the Half-Life engine, so Battlefront running 30 looks fine on my new hardware. Forgive my inexperience, but I wish you'd be a little more tolerant of the shortcomings of others, and a little less harsh and abrasive, it makes you look dumb, when you obviously aren't.
  9. Edit: You know what? I apologize. I got all worked up over nothing, and am acting no better than the jerks I regularly send on the big ban ride. While I disagree with your position that the game does not need admin, I can agree to disagree. Sorry to cause you trouble.
  10. 1) 30 is fluid motion, there is no frame skipping. 60 is smoother and anything above that is not noticeable by human eyes. 2) I was joking about BF1942. It's obviously a good game, people enjoy it. I don't, I never got into the game, nor its popular mods. (DC for example.) 3) I've been playing FPS games since Doom, over 10 years ago. But thanks for assuming I'm new to the genere and calling me stupid.
  11. We assume things about you because on servers that SMART folks run, people get banned for those types of things, not for say AWPing in CS. I see your kind all the time, whiney freaking kids who think the world owes them something. I'd ban you not for 'shooting me in the back' or 'being awesome' but for being a cockbite. cockbite.
  12. His point is it would be MORE fun if the game promoted tactics, not running around like a meatsheild with a motor.
  13. I'll post it when i get home. But I agree, it DOES lack polish, it very much resembles a console menu, and the server browser is balls. I can't see who's playing? I can't join by IP? The stupid thing jitters and I don't know what is selected when? I can't tell it to stop updating so I can PICK A FREAKIN GAME WITHOUT IT SCROLLING OFF MY SCREEN!?
  14. My point, almost VERBAITUM. I don't shell out my hard earned cash every month so some punk ass can complain that I'm tired of letting people calling my regulars and clanmates "f***ing jew n00bs"
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