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  1. I have modified all the maps for the stats system and they are available for download. Sorry for the delay I have just been very busy. To install the maps just download the update and then copy all the directories over to your SWBF Stats install and all the files that need to be over written should be. If you have any question I will be setting up my forums on http://www.sin-swg.net for the SWBF Stats so hope on there and I will give you a hand.
  2. Long pain in the ass UDP query to the server. Its the same way that the actual program would communicate with the server to get you the stats at the end of a map.
  3. No prob again sorry for any issues this has caused.
  4. yeah I just updated the links on the first post.
  5. What are you trying to get. I set it so you did not have to validate your accout and your account was already setup. Send me an email at natas(AT)apocalypce.net and let me know what the issue is.
  6. No worries thanks for the update.. I have released the stats system and put a read me to add images into the system. When ever you can get them that would be great. Thanks for the help
  7. You should be able to login now.. I will see what the issue with that new accounts. Sorry about that
  8. Hey guys I do not check this forum every day.. So if it takes a couple of days for me to get back to that is why. If you want a faster responce please use my web site. http://www.apocalypce.net Not that I dont like these forums cause I do but I also dont want to fill up thier db with troubleshooting for my software. Thanks
  9. Oh I wish this was true.. I liked getting hunted.. But now my jedi is no stronger then a fricken nuna on tat. Ah memories of PRE-CU........
  10. Just an FYI I played since before CU and I could deal with the CU atleast jedi was not useless. Now with the NGE the server I use to play on is just about dead. All the Imperials that I ran around with and PVPed with are all gone. The funny thing is if I really want to play a FPS which for all intensive purposes the NGE has made SWG into I would go play battlefront. It just really dumb how SOE had a decent game that people liked and wanted to play and now they something I would not wish upon my worst enemy. From what I have seen the only players that are really still playing are people who never played before the CU or NGE or the ones that just made jedi just before the NGE and do not know anything else. They will learn when they are not capable of killing a nuna on tat. Personally I really wish someone could get there hands on the PRE-CU code base. But I know that is a pipe dream and will never happen. So to you all who feel you need to try the game previously known as SWG I say this waste your $15 for about 10 minutes and read forums other then the SWG ones that SOE has and see what the vets say about. And hey if you find you like then so be have fun but sooner or later you will see what we are all talking about. Oh and on the review good job.
  11. Well I just put the Stats script up on my site if anyone wants it. http://www.apocalypce.net
  12. Well I have to say that I really have never been much into RTS but due to it being Star Wars I had to try it out. And with that said I will be getting the full version as soon as it comes out. I spent about 2 hours last night playing the game and I have to admit I really liked it. The tutorials were great they walked you though just about everything ( minus the camera rotation ) of which has been stated that particular tutorial might not have made it into the demo. This will be my next SWG at least for the part that I can play in the Star Wars universe. Thanks guys for what seems to be a great game. Oh and the one thing that I really like is the feed back from Petroglyph. Its nice to see a game company actually show interest in the players feed back.
  13. right now you still have to edit the graphics and the css file. But I have set up a option so you can run a different css file. I will probabaly release the stats program then work on the options for looks.
  14. yeah this is what is says for reinforcements from the server 2147483613
  15. yeah I did mean 27900 but again these were SWBF 1 not SWBF 2.
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