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  1. I wantz an ATI x800pro:D I already know I got it because I "accidently" saw it. Cough cough yeah "accidently"! anyway it will be cool. I should have it in about 12 hours or so! its 6:47 in Mesquite, (suburb of Dallas) Texas.
  2. I just want more lol. In most games you can change a few settings in the game like in config and in a console to make the game look better but at the price of making your computer work harder. If your computer can handle it then it looks better. I wouldn't call this overclocking but cahnging settings so you are using your game to the fullest.
  3. here are my specs that matter for performance AMD 2600+ 1.91 GHz 512 ddr Ram (more on the way) Shuttle 34N class motherboard (its new and can handle anything SWBF throws at it) has a 8x agp slot saphire ATI 9600 (not se not pro and not xt just the basic one) has 128 mb ddr onboard memory I will soon have a ATI (made by ATI not some other brand like my card now) 9800xt 256 ddr memory. and the other stuff doesn't matter right now. Man it can handle Half-Life 2 great so it can handle SWBF stuff also. I run SWBF on high everything the highest resolution and all. How can I make a few things look even better? Are there any commands I can tweak or anything like that? If there was another thread that has this on there please just give me the link. Any help is much appreciated!
  4. I have almost beaten Half-Life 2. It's sort of short but its the greatest game I have ever played by far. The physics are incredible. The graphics are really good too. Its a must have for every computer game player. It is really smooth and I have had no problems with it. Some people say that it sucks but those people haven't actually played it. It's a kick 4$$ game. What are you waiting for? Go and buy it!!!
  5. Go sw:battlefront and Half-Life 2!
  6. Check out these websights. If this doesn't change your mind about Half-Life2 then I don't know what will. Trailers - http://www.sierra.com/file_list.do?gamePlatformId=470 The story behind Valve - http://www.gamespot.com/features/6112889/index.html Read this all it is long (25-30 pages) but it made me want to cry in happiness. Only one more day till Half-Life 2!!!! I don't think I can pay attention in school tomorrow with HL2 coming out and all. I'm getting the collectors edition right after school. YAYA!
  7. Yeah I think he ate a thermal detonator. Then as they were making the video it exploded. BOOOOOM!!!
  8. I didn't think Doom 3 was that bad. It isn't my kind of game.(I hate being on edge all the time.) Half-Life 2 should be way cool becuase man its Half-Life how could it be bad. (guess people were saying its ID and Doom how could it be bad haha) anyway I have way more confidence in HL2 than I did Doom3.
  9. Man its killing me. It is going to be really fun and the graphics are (I think/hope) better than Doom 3. I played the first one and it was nice. Then I played the mods for the longest time. Recently I stopped it got old but man HL2 and counter-strike source*(counter-strike 2) look so cool and bad 4$$. ------------------------------------ I need some help finding the Silver HL2 that comes with the cd's. So far the only place I can find it is at http://www.steampowered.com and it doesn't come with a cd. Which would really suck if you downloaded it from them and then your computer crashed and you couldn't get the files back.
  10. What is a watermark? And try http://www.google.com
  11. HAHA. I think this looks more real than the other one.
  12. Yeah I just got a little hot when I saw that. Sorry everyone for my stupid actions. Its just Pearl Jam is my favorite band. Won't happen again. What did Pearl Jam do anyway? Just wandering now.
  13. Hey YOU LEAVE PEARL JAM OUT OF THIS What did Pearl Jam ever do? No flaming ~ET
  14. AMEN!!! I want to move to Canada but i'm not old enough. It sucks how Kerry lost and man what is "uniting" the country. pfffft like that will ever happen. Kerry and bush are so different, its crazy. Thats all I have to say.
  15. Well the basic mac computers that I have seen (the ones at schools) suck for everything. You are better off using your cell phone to use the internet than a cheapy mac. I have tried to use Photoshop on those mac computers and it crashed all the time. Maybe more expensive Mac's are better but I have yet to see one. I'm not rich so the basic $800 self built computer works just fine for me and my games/graphical programing needs. PS: you're telling me comptuer games are not serious? haha just kidding
  16. Something similiar happens to me. After I go on a roller coaster like that night when I am about to go to sleep I feel like I am still riding it. It is a weird feeling.
  17. I was trick or treating and there were 2 people fighting right in a really really busy neighbourhood. And a bunch of people called the cops it was crazy. I'm glad that someone didn't pull out a gun.
  18. Mabe you don'y know PC's that well. Or you have bad luck.
  19. "cough cough" NOT ANY GOOD. Well not any good for poor foke. Basicly only good for making movies(other stuff of that nature). I guesss you could play a few games on it but PC is way better.
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