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  1. Word. There's no greater satisfaction than when I blast some rifle troop in the face with my pistol. And then die. And see that someone has died on my mines
  2. Only if you're shooting stupid bots. Humans are good enough to stay under the cannons of the AT-AT. Only the worst pilots even get close to being destroyed by the AT-AT itself. No veteran speeder pilot is gonna get shot down. It has absolutely nothing to do with the skill of the AT-AT pilot... Rain death?? Honestly. Have you ever SHOT those secondary weapons on the AT-AT?? They are p-shooters. The AT-TE's top turret is unquestionably much stronger.
  3. We're all quite aware... no word on whether or not they have any interest in fixing it.
  4. ...um yeah they do. You can tell just by the range at which you can kill infantry with it. The splash damage is the same. Basically the same speed. I just played Hoth and Geonosis and played in the AT-AT and AT-TE the whole time. Yes you should check that out. Because you are way off.
  5. AT-TE's weak? They have 5x as much firepower as the AT-AT. Same laser shots, fires 4 of em instead of 2, and you can fire twice in a row. Extra guns, powerful top turret fan fire everyway and it is more maneuverable. AT-AT can even fire on less of an area because it is higher up and it can't aim up. AT-TE can. You AT-AT people have no idea what you are talking about.
  6. AT-TE by far. AT-AT can't hit jack ****. Lasers go so damn slow. AT-TE can atleast hit every target it needs to. Has lots of weapons.
  7. haha I love these "honor" players who get on their high-horse and whine that it takes no skill. Limited ammo, ability of infantry to move really fast via rolls and jumps, inability to hit rocket troops, troops on higher ground, and troops at range, the rocket troops have their disadvantages. If the lock-on behavior of the missiles wasn't so bad we could focus on vehicles more. But the seeking is ass. Rocket troops are a viable class... if you want to beat them and think it's too easy, be them. Then you'll see it's not that easy. You just have to keep moving. We can only kill one person before we have to reload. It's not cheese. Don't jump to conclusions. The splash damage is almost ridiculously small. You have to aim very well. I get surprised all the time when people don't die and a rocket hit almost right at their feet. Battlefront doesn't take a boatload of skill to play anyway. It's more arcadeish and purely for fun, with some strategy and tactics thrown in. If anything they should make the normal infantry class better. Less shots to kill someone. And a note about Vanguards... I DESPISE THEM. Their dual-rocket shot is so stupid. You shoot at something and the rockets diverge, going around the target. I much prefer the Imperials and Clones.
  8. Yeah, the server selection is abysmal... part of the reason why I don't play. It's cyclical. Hard to get playing cause of so few populated servers, so few servers because so few people play.
  9. These numbers, while accurate and disparaging, are skewed. Battlefront is a 3-platform game. PC, XBox, PS2. Those numbers only reflect PC players. None of those other titles are on multiple platforms except for maybe the Battlefield games. But of course no one is playing this game. Though fun, it's really garbage in comparison to other games. I just played roughly 4 hours of CounterStrike straight on one 24/7 server without changing maps. Not quite as hilarious as SWBF in terms of fun gameplay but I can hardly stand teh frustration of finding and staying on a server and then dealing with large pings, poor netcode, and poor FPS... and I really LIKE SWBF. Paired with low sales, split console sales, and people just not liking the MP, it's bound to suffer. Who knows how long it'll be around. They better fix it quick so some servers start going up.
  10. I've shot down tons. I'd say I average 2 downed speeders per round. But for every good shot (and I know when to shoot the game isn't complicated) there are tons that completely miss when shot head-on or miss slightly simply because they always turn too late. Shots often trail for MINUTES. It's absurd. The seeking is not "fine." What usually happens is the speeder just stops in mid-air and targets anyone with a missile launcher. The problem that no other weapon is consistently effective against speeders. Slight improvements to the tracking behavior would make the Imperials more competitive without gimping the Rebels.
  11. I agree there's an attempt at balance on Hoth but there's room for improvement. They should modify things in the future. Rebels can't NOT win because the speeders are too strong, Imperial infantry (no matter how good) can't destroy them. It's simply impossible to destroy a speeder who keeps moving because the seeking behavior of the missiles is just crap and AT-ATs and AT-ST's lasers don't do anything. It's a decent balance but it needs to be improved.
  12. What're your full system specs? Try adding /nomovies as a switch in the "target" line of a shortcut that points directly to the battlefront.exe Do you have anything running in the background that might lead to this? I'd say call tech support, maybe they've seen this.
  13. The netcode IS pretty bad, based on the average pings I get. ~100. I get ~30-50 on most games (CS, etc.). If you look at other connectivity issues (staying on a server, pings of people on servers, etc.) it becomes clear that they needed a way to cut down on the net code problems and this was one way of doing it. The low max fps "hides" the other problems. Combined with other issues I'm sure it was just a stop-gap fix to max the FPS. I hope it's removed/worked around later because it's pretty annoying. We know the engine can handle higher FPS very well...
  14. The new patch should ameliorate some of these problems. I often destroy repair/heal/ammo droids that I have no intention of using. One of the first things I do at the last few CPs is destroy the droids.
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