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  1. We can't know if it's buggy till it comes out. And SOMEONE has to buy it. Reviews, sure, but those are largely inconsistent and spurious in their takes on games. But studios that continuously make buggy games or unoriginal games will go out of business. Happens all the time. Impressions basically went under because it lost funding from Vivendi. Lords3 was a complete bomb and the studio was dead from then on.
  2. Update drivers? Lower some settings? Try lowering the "Texture Detail" and "Shadow detail" settings and see if things improve.
  3. The selecting a profile should be gotten rid of. It should auto-select the one I last selected, as you suggested. I've been meaning to mention this but it's low on the totem poll. Having to choose it just puts another barrier in the way of me doing what I actually want to do. If I want to change profile, I can do it via Options or whereever it is. Yes, autobalance should work like CounterStrike's. Once you join, if the teams are even, you can choose any side. If Imps has less than Rebels you should be put on Imps and left there till you change maps. Once you change maps, it should restart. People can join whichever side they want till there's one side with too many. The current system just isn't good. Could be better. I am an Imperial guy and I hate joining auto-assign servers where I have to be Rebel and then am forced to be Rebel from there-on-out.
  4. I headshot people regularly with the Imperial sniper zoomed or not. Could be a combination of lag, low framerate, etc. but I know I can headshot someone with Imperial and I'm next-to-positive that it doesn't work with Rebel.
  5. 1. Actually it becomes a competition of who has the better leading aim. I think the strafing is fine. Probably should be slowed down a little for realism but not by much. 2. Yes they definitely need to change some accuracy issues. Prone and crouch are only useful for cover (on maps like Yavin Temple, Endor, etc.) 3. Definitely. Should take ~3-4 shots to kill someone. I am almost never the blaster class because I'd rather spam mines with my rocket or snipe people (one shot kill) 4. Yes, someone was doing this last night and it was ridiculous. There needs to be a pause after you tumble roll where it's like getting up from prone. You can't shoot and can't move. Something like that. Another problem: headshotting someone as Rebel sniper doesn't kill them! I haven't tested this fully but it seems to take 2 shots no matter what. I have only been Rebel sniper a few times but I was on Cloud City and it was laggy but last night I couldn't seem to get a 1-shot-kill.
  6. haha holy ****. And I thought I was bad refreshing my mines as a missile trooper. Mines are devastating. But they seem to have a time limit after which they disappear. Refreshing the recon droid. That's a bad bug. There are so many maps where that could be exploited. Theed, Endor, Hoth, Kamino, Geonosis, Dune Sea, Mos Eisley, Yavin Arena... I'm gonna have to learn to shoot down recon droids.
  7. Because of the way the server browser now works, it's hard to find the best server to join. It's all random, atleast mostly. Since they don't auto-update themselves, you have to go through the list and random pick ones to update. It lists every server alphabetically until you "ping" or "update" it by clicking on it. Thus, some of my favorite servers "TexasGameServers.com" etc. I haven't been playing on and they are empty. Why? Perhaps it's because it's 4am on a Monday (err Tuesday) but it's probably because they are last alphabetically so people aren't "updating" and thus not joining them. In order to play on what WERE my favorite servers, I have to remember their name, scroll down (which is no easy task because if you sit on any one server for too long it will be pinged and placed at the top of the list) and select it. There really has to be a better way. This currently is pretty dumb, though nice in that it got rid of the utter frustration that joining servers use to involve. As soon as the patch went live my favorite servers are all empty (I can see via XFire) but all the recent ones I have joined are servers that start with a symbol (something that would alphabetically be at the top of the list). As it stands the entire server list doesn't update. So some good servers could easily be overlooked. They'll be at the bottom of the list, no one will look to join them and people who do will see they are empty. There will be a rush to name every server with a ! or ~ in front.
  8. A vehicle in this sense would be a "carrier/conveyance" so a creature could be a "vehicle". The tauntauns convey you... that is their purpose in the game. Just like the speeders without blasters. Can you shoot on a tauntaun? You should be able to with less accuracy. I am almost never the Rebels and never have played the Rebel side on Hoth.
  9. It would be nice if the version number were listed in a corner of the main menu. I know stuff like this was probably taken out for console Beta versions but it's nice for PC players to know what version they are currently patched to, in case we aren't up with current versions and need to know at some point. Every other game has it and it's useful... so if you stop playing for a while or whatever and all of a sudden can't join servers with an odd error (wrong version) you can figure out which version you have and which patch(es) you need to install. So on a clean install it would say "1.00" in the bottom right corner. With the latest patch it would say "1.00a" Consoles wouldn't need this because they don't have to actively patch their games. It always stays current, I believe. I thought that's what the "1.0" was on the initial "Multiplayer" screen but it still says 1.0 even though I patched. Might be something else...
  10. Once updating to v. 1.00a, Server list will not allow you to "update" individual servers after you have attempted to join a full session. If you go into server browser, join a full server (or one that is full but doesn't appear to be) you get the normal message and much choose "Join/Create" again. Once back at the server browser, servers no longer update so all the pings stay red. Previously updated servers still say "PC Dedicated" next to them but cannot retrieve their pings either. Server browser essentially loses functionality after attempting to join a full session. Anybody experienced this yet? I'd like to say it's 100% but could just be my machine/connection and I've only done this twice. Only has happened once I installed Patch 1.00a
  11. That would be awesome but I highly doubt it would happen. Wouldn't add all that much though...
  12. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=136622 You have to press "change secondary weapon" (I have mine mapped to G) then right click (alt-fire) to become the droid. Then you have to alt-fire again when you want to call down the orbital strike. The droid can move rather quickly.
  13. LoQ, you have to click on each server (use a scroll wheel to go through the list after it quickly updates) to see the actual ping of the server. Hallowicious, is there a firewall in the back that is blocking activity? The patch updates the exe that the game uses and my firewall was stopping me from getting onto gamespy till I realized in the background that my firewall was wanting me to recognize the new exe before it would allow connectivity.
  14. Rather large topic around here. Main map gripe. Too small/not enough flight room. You could add to any one of the Bug/Suggestions threads if you like but I think the sentiment has been much voiced.
  15. Well I think it's an improvement. The server browser is now manageable, though it's not perfect. "Minor improvement" is a good estimation on their part. The servers immediately load, don't continuously move, but you have to click on them and wait for pings to come up. But once you do for most of the servers, you have an actual list to choose from. Pretty good. Then you choose one and play for a while. I was just able to play like 7 maps right in a row. Bespin Platforms, Bespin Cloud City, Hoth, Endor, Kashyyk Islands, Kashyyk Docks, Naboo plains, Naboo - Theed and then maybe one more. Can't totally remember. Imperials won every time
  16. But the game ISN'T full of instant death as it is. When someone is STANDING STILL I can pelt them with infantry blaster shots to the torso/head and they don't die till, you said it, two or more seconds later. Do you know how long that is in a game? Think about it. That's half an eternity. And if someone is moving (as they should be) it takes even longer. Just a minor tweak, nothing major. 3 shots. 4 shots. That would be much better, would make the normal class balance better against the missile troops or snipers. Properly? Heh, and I suppose your opinion of what is proper is somehow more valid than my estimation of "proper"? Strafing is a must.
  17. Same experience. 1 red bar. I can connect and have 150 ping but it's weird. Very strange.
  18. The servers load much quicker. But the response all around is the same: 1 red bar for all servers. No other change. We're just gonna have to weather the storm.
  19. Atleast it's something... 2.66 MB. Very small. Very very small in fact. It patched basically instantly. Don't get your hopes up folks :| Very strange update. Changes: I notice more servers on the server list. Except now, all the pings are red except one or two (when I joined my was ~150) and either all the servers were full or they were empty. Perhaps the servers just haven't been patched and are causing this strange behavior but that's a best-case scenario. Very strange indeed. 1.01 please.
  20. I'm always imperial missile trooper. I can usually take down a Snowspeeder with a little assistance, even though the tracking of the missiles is garbage. Hard though. AT-ATs annihilate all the infantry, the Imp troops take the CPs, and the lack of much of an anti-infantry vehicle for the Rebels usually ensures victory. Usually my experiences
  21. I've heard mention on here that Rhen Var is the Episode 3 planet that is supposed to be in the game, but it very well could be Kashyyk
  22. Like almost all vehicles, it should be behind spawn in the main CP for your faction. I'm mainly the Imperials on Mos Eisley so it's usually an AT-ST behind the main CP (circular wall). Not sure what vehicles start where for each faction.
  23. Very good question. There's been only limited mention by the devs on the official "official" boards. It DOES take some time to code. My reasoning is that they coded teh game for PS2 (it has the most limitations) then ported it to XBox. THEN they ported it to PC. Also, the patches for PS2 will be nothing like the XBox patches and those will be TOTALLY different from the PC patches. They need different fixes. They have said they are working on them though. Here's hoping.
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