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  1. ya'lls post on what you think is wrong and what you are fixing barely mentions xbox. It has problems from top to bottom. I can only use quickmatch, can't join or be joined by friends, the dedicated servers are terrible, and the games are filled with lag. Only 1 out of 5 games I try to get in work, and then only a few without lag. Sad part is this game rocks!!!! Please get it up and working soon. And my DSL is 1600 down and 360 up and has never ever had connection issues.
  2. unbelievable game...I'm right with you on the hyperventilating, but the network connections suck. How is it 100,000 people are playing tonight, and when i do an optimatch search it comes back with no games matching my search critiria. I've got everything on "any"!!. Only way i can play is with quick match. But when i do finally get in a game, and one that has no lag, i drool all over the floor and scream "kill those rebel scum"
  3. unbelievable!! the best game to come out for LIVE in a long time is network retarded. Can't use optimatich at all, and am constantly being disconnected. Servers crash and friends cant enter my games. And when i do find a game it is usually laggy. why?? why I ask you??
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