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  1. And McFarlanes version dosen't look superherish.....ok. Anyways when transfering to a hyper articulated figure some things must be changed like the feet and joint areas. If you like the old 6poa version then stick with it no one is condeming you for it I own McFarlanes version myself......remember I am a collector as well. I also own LCBH that is another story lol. Also another company may have taken a different approach and the toy might have looked nothing like The Maxx we tried to balance it out but with you it seems we can't win. Are you going to SDCC love to chat with you at our panel or booth.
  2. Again Rob Schrab gave us the turnarounds for 'SOL' so how are the arms messed up? As for The Maxx do you mean the 8" have you seen the updated pics? This is one/our/fans take on The Maxx if you are a fan please note he was drawn many different ways and to translate into a 20+poa is hard enough. Also wow not so critical were you of Mezco's Heroes line when it first hit? You loved squishy face Hiro? Why are you so critical of us doing a toy of something we are fans of? Could you runt his company any better? We are toy fans who want to make toys we like if you don't like them there is 1,000s of others who will.
  3. Wow someone knows how to google search/attack us! What exactly did we do to deserve your hate of us besides being Sam and Max fans and makers of one of the most genius toy lines of all times. As far as the Maxx you saw the latest pics with 20+POA and headress and Isz? I guess not and if you mean our great little Maxx vinyl toy it is a cute designer toy part of an new toy line called Indie Spotlight designer series. We will have that Maxx for sale limited to 500pcs at booth# 3948 at SDCC this July. The website is actually not hideous just no flash, we like it warm and cozy and it is getting an upgrade with latest software this month. Sol figure with a repaint? Actually those designs were given to us by Rob Schrab himself and the head is a different sculpt then basic SCUD figure. Hope that answered all your questions and again Sam and Max in Indie Spotlight is a must we are the only company doing a toy line with Comic, Anime and other characters you want to see as fans! Because we are fans!
  4. You fans want Sam & Max toys write to them and demand them!
  5. I never heard of this untill now! Where can I find images of the characters?
  6. Does anyone remember the TV show? With young indy! What did you all think of it?
  7. Thought you all might like to see an Indiana Jones custom by Kate & Dave Kramer of Action Figure factory I didn't know there was a game out is it on PC also? http://www.shockertoys.com
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