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  1. One of the main reasons I am playing this game and not SWG or JA or JO or the rest is because it doesn't have jedi! (Ok it has hero's but not when I turn em off). Jedi are a miniscule part of the SW Universe, the other posters are right, as in the films and the EU jedi are 1:millions/billions not 1:10 or even 1:20. I'm not saying if you want jedi go play JA (specifically), but please if you want jedi go play a game that concentrates on jedi. I'm an old school SW game player, and in my opinion barring jedi knight (DF2), the best SW games ever released by lucasarts didn't have jedi in them. (X-wing, TIE Fighter and their descendants and Dark forces).
  2. As I recall, yes most lucasarts games get a patch, but usually just the one. Alot of their games have some very serious problems, kotor for instance has some rather serious issues that still haven't been fixed. Eitherway, battlefront is a pretty decent game and a definite must buy if you're a warsy. If you're a more discriminating gamer, then I'd say that it's still a pretty good game, but it won't have much of a replay value on PC.
  3. I went down town to get it on friday afternoon after a nice hard nights drinking. Anyway, 4 of the 5 stores I went to had sold out before 1pm apparently. I felt pretty lucky to get it in the end. I had ordered it through amazon but I figured waiting another 4 days just wasn't worth skimping on a fiver. Eitherway, I got it from a Game store inside debenhams (dun ask me I think its weird too), and found it quite decent although a little arcadey. Incidentally, most places that aren't selling it have probably either sold out or haven't received the delivery. You have to bear in mind, most places have really cut back on the amount of PC stock they store as they think console games sell more. When the fact is PC gamers tend to be more select about the games they buy... I think so at least...
  4. I found that by completing(sp) one of the active options it unlocked the options that are not available. Either that, or just play through the GCW and Prequel campaigns and it'll unlock em. Eitherway, you can do it in a few hours just getting to know the game, its pretty fun:) Hope that helps.
  5. I have an Athlon 1800 with a GeForce FX2500 (256Mb) 768Mb of RAM with a 20 Gig HD. I couldn't tell you what the framerate is specifically, but its quite satisfying in high detail:)
  6. Is anyone else having a problem with the game freezing after a round in galactic conquest/civil war? I have an Athlon 1800(1.5GHz) with 768 Mb RAM and a Geforce FX5200 (256Mb) and of course, as I'm asking, I obviously do. I also use powerstrip to bump my AGP transfer rate down to 2x from 4x, I know this will affect the capabilities from my graphics card. However, occasionally when playing in 2x mode I'll get past two maps before the freeze up. The freeze completely locks up the pc and only a complete reboot gets you out of it. The reason I find this quite strange over the rest is that initially I did not have this problem with the game and have not changed my system setup at all since installation. Any idea's recomendations or mutual gripes are always welcome:)
  7. I might well be wrong about this, but if I remember correctly, doesn't FPS have an impact on lag? I remember reading back from my old quake 2 days that the higher your FPS the more information needs to be transmitted to and from your client to the server, increasing lag. Therefore lower FPS give better pings. Like I say I might be completely wrong, it could be completely the other way round, just throwing in my 2 pence.
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