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  1. ive played with a few of you, you guys are good.. you going to be playing competitively?
  2. i am sure it will be... as long as you install the latest drivers.
  3. While the server tools are pretty much non-existent, it is still very possible to conduct scrims/matches efficiently, which means that ladders should be able to get off the ground even at this point in time...
  4. http://www.starwars.com/episode-iv/release/video/espn1.html
  5. I am stuck at work right now and haven't updated since my clan's server was only updated early this morning, so can anyone do me a favor and post some screenshots im dying to see some!
  6. Good points. Never really used the DT so I was just asking. Throw a couple of grenades and mine problem is solved.
  7. Yes, but it would rock to have a jetpack and an emp gun.
  8. I think you got your answers in this thread.. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=139929 but to add to that, not sure if it was mentioned or not, but if you're usign stormtrooper or another infantry unit, i recommend 4-5 shot bursts..
  9. guess you don't really play Tattoine (Dune Sea) or Naboo (both maps) or Rhen Var
  10. so i guess Nov 19. was the release date for screenshots of the new map?
  11. well it should be! it should be like christmas.. there when you wake up! i stayed up until midnight last night in hopes of hearing the lucasarts reindeer on my roof...
  12. Thanks for the replies, guys.. i found the bind in the infantry control options.. had it binded to mouse button 4, which i quickly changed.. as phoenix mentioned... this mouse does own, id recommend it to anyone!
  13. yes, please share your findings... im curious, now
  14. someone in one of those turrets on the pole is what i call a "guaranteed kill"
  15. anyone know what time this will be released? im not worried about it being pushed back, cause its very apparent that lucasarts never misses a deadline.. no matter what!
  16. well recently, ive been hearing the clone trooper's voice when you're within a grenade blast radius... "ohhh no..." great!
  17. I agree.. nothing more frustrating than using all (most ) of your rockets to take down a vehicle, and then be left with only your pistol.
  18. this annoys me to no end on Kashyyyk(sp) islands, the NE cp. you always spawn facing the north, when the other cp's are south and west of you.
  19. its been awhile since i laughed out loud. good post..
  20. I think it would take more complicated logic than number of TK's to determine whether or not someone is a griefer or just bad with grenades/mines and other explosives.
  21. what type of video card? check the lucasarts site to see if it is officially supported..
  22. ooh, ok, that clears up alot for me and also puts my mind at ease for a bit... at least until hl2 is released, as alegis mentioned.
  23. Just got a logitech mx510 mouse.. loaded the drivers and started playing with it last night. for some reason, button 4 switches between first and third person pov. I unassigned this button in the mouse properties and restarted the game, but this button is still bound to pov change.. anyone know how i can fix this? because button i am still getting used to the mouse and i found myself accidentally hitting this button alot.
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