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  1. It's been bugging me who Roy reminds me of... Then it dawned on me...
  2. I don't have a video, I may have a random pic on Facebook somewhere though.
  3. My 5yo God Daughter thought I would look good wearing her headband... I do think it suits me So this pic is actually about 2years old, but it's one of those rare pics of me that I actually like. It was my cousin's 50th birthday party and she had a 60's theme, hence the flower power! My latest tattoo... yes I'm inked! My second tattoo, which I got at the start of the year and fainted afterwards. First time ever fainting. I also have a butterfly on my wrist, which I got about 3 and a half years ago, and if I can find a pic of it I'll post that too. And just this pic of me and some of my friends, we're famous! Well sort of, anyone who remembers my love for her will actually get just how important this is to me!
  4. Lol the only lesbian action. Action. I've ever had was drunken kissing with friends, that's as far as it went!
  5. According to the ads anyway. That's news to me. I had no idea I was into Asian girls.
  6. I have Care Bears do they count?
  7. Hello lovelies! I'm still here, just been super super busy working and when I haven't been working I've been busy sewing and whe. I'm not sewing planning my trip overseas with my daddy in August.
  8. I've been super busy! Can you all literally basically summarize for me?
  9. Oh my! I get busy for a week and miss out on all the fun!
  10. At least the original is decent, compared to the God-awful 2014 remix! He's clearly borrowed Miley's drugs for this. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  11. WOW! My tattoos are so insignificant compared to that!
  12. I think I went to that hotel when I went to Perth. It only took me 30 years, but I finally managed to make it to Perth.
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