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  1. The only issue experienced on my server by players is that its hard to get into the vehicles and bots flashin in and out. tps is set to 30. After the patch things improved for me on the client side. And my server has been continuously up since the patch with out any crashes. Also i able to get connected through all third party browsers ( Not ASE dont have it) and i dont loose connection any more and neither have any of my ususally players. Please feel free to try it out, and let me know if you have any problems.
  2. You cant, they pulled this feature before release
  3. I have been getting a message that only 24 maps are allowed in the rotation.
  4. Just to poke fun at the game, The Star Wars mod for BF1942 just release a new version with more starships and maps. So that might be a good alternative until this is all fixed. I have been playing more of SWBF, yes i like the game, but it could have been so much more. Hopefully they realize this and do release a substainial Patch. Still feel i was give a bait and switch job.
  5. Iceman, The issue I see with patch 1.00a is that once playing on a server and the game ends and restarts. I can only play two games in a row before the connection hangs starting the third battle. And this is my Internet server which im connecting too, so there is no problems with latency or connection. As for the pings, they come up once you click on that specific server. takes a long time for the browser to fully display the information for all servers. Seems that they need to re-work the protocol and try to optimize the netork communications. Feels that im connect through a 56K modem not a 3Mbp connection.
  6. Hey ICEMAN, Im not complaining just stating my opinion which i have a right too since i paided my $43 + tax for the freaking game. And if you comprehened anything i said in the beginning of the post about NOT BEING JA/JO i know this game is not. But it suppose to represent the full experience of the Star Wars Battle fields and it cant really do that now, since it does not cover all aspects of the combatants in the theaters. Also turn off you machine avertisement, sorry your mom couldnt buy you an Intel chip or ATI card.
  7. Stirred up the nest, I did. Still believe that it would add something to the game, with small number of jedi ( 1to20) per side in this game with some Jedi powers to fight along side the grunt trooper, rebel, etc.... Thanks for the feedback all.
  8. Stirred up the nest, I did. Still believe that it would add something to the game, with small number of jedi ( 1 jedi per20 grunts) per side in this game with some Jedi powers to fight along side the grunt trooper, rebel, etc.... Thanks for the feedback all.
  9. Well then, why include them at all with Hero Bots, they take out whole squads by themselves. Jed only have an advantage if they use the right force ability at the right time. ( if the player is made properly). Jedi got shot in the movies by Battle droids, so Jedi are not invicible. Also, the squad game will be out next summer, its called Republic Commando. Full Squad game like SOCOM.
  10. That is what I expected, someone to say this is not Jedi Academy. Well I dont play Jedi Academy and there were Jedi Grunts in the Clone Wars (Watch the freaking movie). SO, i say again this is not really a True Star Wars game, only BF1942 with Star Wars skins, maps, and weapons. And a none Jedi will not be able to kill Hero Jedi unless they are lucky.
  11. I am a little dissapointed they did not include a Jedi Class for playing the game. Reason why to play a Star Wars Type game is to play with Jedi Powers against other Jedi and none Jedi in battle. You take this away, it is just like any other FPS with the background of Star Wars. I know some are going to say, JA or JO, but this is the battle field with the Clone wars there were both troops and Jedi. The other thing I really hate is you can not kill Hero Bots in the game. I shot damn Lord Dukoo a 1000 times with an Anti-Aircraft Battery ( pointed to the ground) but the bot just fell to the ground and got up. What is up with that. there is something like a signature in your profile (USERCP), put your advertisement info there ~Alegis
  12. The point of this topic is to list sites that host leagues and servers. NOT to post your (clan) server. ~Alegis
  13. Iceman, I never said that UT2004 was the pinacle, but the details on some of the maps do put the redering quality of the SWBF maps to shame. Details to rain drops,and dust falling is what I was talking about. And playing Onslaught mode, with vehicles and teams, the control and the physics really do make SWBF look it was made 4 years ago. As for comparing to pinacle, FarCry details are setting High par. The detail in JKA also beats this game, with the skin details. As for the detail of the AT-AT, Snowspeeders, and maps layout, I do like that part of the game. Some maps better than others(bespin and Hoth the best).
  14. Is not that i hate it, i expected more. If you ever play the other games you would umderstand the why I feel this way. The game could have had the market on FPS team gaming, but is pissed off all Server admins. I was spoiled with the Graphics of UT2004, FarCry and others new games. The Skins details are lacking, map details are lacking. You cant even be a Jedi knight on the battle field with force powers in the clone wars, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT, that would have been what I was looking for special in a STAR WARS battle game base in episode II-III. Well, i probably will still play the game, but it falls short as my favorite game to play. [iLB]Pebbles pebbles@bedrock-jk.net http://www.bedrock-jk.net http://www.bedrock-jk.net/utstats Admin for : Bedrock-JK: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast server Bedrock-UT: Unreal Tournament 2004 servers DM/ONS Bedrock-BF: Star Wars Battlefront ( for what it is worth) Bedrock-Voice servers (VoIP chat)
  15. Dude I agreed to with the post. I was expecting a game on par with UT2004, FarCry, etc. on game detail and play. But I got a Dark Forces II graphic console game. Damn, the Physics in Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast are better that SWBF, and it was realease years ago. The graphics are better in JKO also. For the price I paid for the game I expected the lasted technology in the game. The game also advertise Voice chat (VoIP), where the hell is it???? I have been playing FPS for a while, first release of Half-Life, and currently running three game servers, and this game was the worst setup than any of them. Again, this was a bait and switch. Provide the enhanced graphics advertisements and give you year 2000 console game technology. It is a waste of computer resources to play this game. I invested in the lastest X800 card to play high end FPS, and this game doesnt need it. Again, this game could be good, but it needs some major overhauling of the graphics, physics, and configurable settings. [iLB] Pebbles http://www.bedrock-jk.net http://www.bedrock-jk.net/utstats Bedrock-JK: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast server Bedrock-UT: Unreal Tournament 2004 DM/ONS servers Bedrock-BF: SW BattleFront server ( for what its worth) Bedrock-Voice: VoIP chat servers
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