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  1. As requested.. http://theoverkillnation0.tripod.com/devchat.html
  2. Looked at the DEV chat transcript from the other day. They said they know the Dark Trooper is contraversial and they are looking into it. Also they are looking into a balance for the Vanguard in Close Quarter Combat since people are gripping about that also. They did say they will not remove a class from a map because they want people to have the option to play the way they want.
  3. Yep uninstall then reinstall. If anyone else has suggestions pls roger up.
  4. Go to tech support at Lucas Arts. They will hook ya up.
  5. Wow...wierd. I have had a couple mouse issues my only suggestions are to... 1. Unplug the mouse and then plug it back in (not while playing the game) and let windows reload it. 2. Reboot 3. Check for updated drivers 4. Reload the game yep it sucks but sometime ya got to do it. Anyone else have any ideas?
  6. You have to have the entire map rotation of the server you are trying to get on if you are trying to play multiplayer. You can't get on with just the single map being played...unlike COD. If it doesn't work in single player it is probably a corrupt file. What is your mouse problem?
  7. For all to know!!! 1. You must have every map in the server rotation or it will not work doesn't matter if you have the map being played at that second or not. 2. You can only have 25 maps in your addon folder or it will tell you that you do not have the map being played on many of the servers. Cut out a handful of your maps down to 25 and will be able to get on 99% of the servers.
  8. Can you please post on this thread... 1. The Name and IP of your Star Wars Battlefront Server. 2. The Map Rotation of your Server and the Versions of each Map. This would be greatly appreciated for the hundreds of people getting the below message when we try to join your servers online which makes us give up and play COD or some other game. "Cannot join game You do not have the map currently being played" Thanks a bunch. Mark (Online Jaden{OK}.
  9. That and make sure you do all 5 patches up to 1.2 There will be 80 servers or so.
  10. The only way the Jedi thing would work is lets say out of 50 Players you can only have. 10 Jedi/Sith Then the other 40 have to be of the other charactors. I could careless...let there be Jedi make them killable not invinsible like they are currently and I am sure there are plenty of us Pilot Class Grunts that would have no problem running them over or blasting them to hell.
  11. Yep that is why I think the problem with me getting on to some of the servers are that for some reason you have to have not just the map and version of the the one currently being played but the entire rotation. There is no reason for the Hoth Escape map not to work...unless the Abridon map is causing it because it is not the same version as the servers and there lies the pain of the situation. I think we need a thread on here where each server posts its... Server Name in Battlefront - Their Custom Map roation is as follows... Map A - Version 1.1 Map B - Version 1.0 Map C - Version 2.1 Then on and on down their rotation. I think the problem would be simple fix if it became a simple rule of every server must run Map A - Version 1.1 vs each server running out dated maps. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- That's why if you could have Auto Downloading that would be great because you could jump around to different servers and if you are missing something or the version of the map doesn't match it would just download it for you and end the pain that this has been. Man I hope Republic Commando doesn't have this issue since it will actually have Multiplayer with Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.
  12. I re-loaded the game, updated with patches up to 1.2. I then loaded Map Pack 1. All good...it worked on every server that ran those maps and it still let me into the non-custom map servers. I then loaded Map Pack 2. Still can get into non-custom map servers...however...so far the 2 maps that I have had a chance to test are not working. I went to serveral servers that were running those maps and they displayed the following message when I tried to join that server..."You can not play, You do not have the map currently being played"(something to that effect). The Two maps on Map Pack 2 were... Abridon City Hoth The Escape ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can someone that is playing all the servers and have custom maps with no issues such as the one above... Pls post... 1. What site you download your maps from. 2. What maps and what versions you download. If this is the version issue this is the only way this will ever get figured out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just thought of something... Maybe a Admin type can let us know... Maybe...the issue is... Each server loads the maps they want. Some of those maps have multiple versions. When looking at the Server list some of the maps say what version they are some don't. That could be part of the issue. Because what I am thinking is to play on these servers you have to have every map they have and the matching version...other wise you get the problem I have been having. So you can't fix it by just loading the current map being played, you must load all maps/versions to match the servers rotation exactly or it will never let you in at all. So if anyone has the capablity to get the server names along with their map rotation and the versions of each and post them this painful evolution might be resolved.
  13. It happens even if the only custom maps I use in the Addon folder are a Single version. It's really wierd... That's why I wish it would have auto download. Luckily the Republic Commando game has Team Death Match, Death Match and Capture the Flag so it probably is more Multiplayer friendly then this game.
  14. True but this is a pain...half the servers say you are good to go the others say you don't have a map you just loaded. Something has to be fixed and that would be a fix. I could care less either way if I could play on every server when it says I have the map when selecting from the server list... It is frustrating to go through the server list and it says I have all the maps and then on half of the servers I chose they say I don't have the map being played. This is not a good thing and it needs to be fixed somehow.
  15. Well...I have raised the bullsh1t flag on this since their has been little to no help to this problem. What I did was I loaded the game clean and then the patches. Then I went to Multiply Player and looked at what maps it said I was missing. Then I went are redownloaded each custom map that I was missing. Put them in the Addon Folder on the C Drive. Then went back to Multiply Player and low and behold it says hey...you have the freakin map. So I select a server and it either lets me in and I can play or it gives me a message such as..."You can not enter, you do not have the map being played." Now this is pretty much a 50/50 shot so something needs fixed... My suggestion is a freakin AUTO DOWNLOAD like Call of Duty that way the Server Runs the show and you don't waist hours loading maps just to get some bullcrap responce from a server that you dont' have a map you just downloaded. This also happens on Custom Maps that only have 1 version not multi-versions so that excuse is out to.
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