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  1. i dont mean to disrupt things in here, but netsea is probably the guy impersonating me. i did not post that last thread i can assure you, and i only made this name to let you guys know that.
  2. this is the real decepticon again, sorry for changing my name once again, you can check my ip. i dont know why but this guy keeps impersonating me. decepticon5 is the latest person not me.
  3. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? i just made a new name to explain myself that there was some mistake going on. this netsea guy is insane. do you know who i work for? please investigate this nonsense.
  4. why on earth is this guy Nutsea not banned? He is accusing me of pming him, and i dont know how he can prove i did cause i didnt. Also this is the last time i am changing my name. my original name was decepticon which i would like back. my other name was decepticon2 and now 3? this is riduculous. can an intelligent moderator please do something?
  5. What is going on. Someone is impersonating me. This is the real me, a moderator can confirm this by checking the ip of my original name "decepticon" my second name "decepticon2" and this one. Netsea "i am sure" is the one who impersonated me. Why isnt he banned? Cant anyone see i was framed?
  6. if you re a busy person and dont like messing around with your games and you want a pleasant online gaming experience straight out of the box, do not buy this game yet. i have decided not to return this game to the shop, as i am confident patches will fix at least half the problems people are having and i really want to see this game shine. But, I shouldve waited , as now i dont have anything new to play online until a patch is released or until my next paycheck comes in. im too spoiled i guess:(
  7. i cant quote exactly what one of the devs said, but basically they said the the fps IS NOT a priority. um hello......?
  8. trust me i didnt say it. i have come to the conclusion that some people in here are out to see me banned permanently and want my opinions stopped. i will not get into fights with any of them cause thats just what they want me to do.
  9. wtf? i am being framed. this fool is setting me up or some other fool is setting me up. trace the message as you will find it is impossible to have come from my pc.
  10. yeah i told that fool to stick a lightsaber up his ass. i was warned for it and i am ashamed. why was i then banned if i stopped with the insults after i was warned?
  11. i am too busy to bother contacting moderators thru email and such. they warned me in that thread and another guy, and i stopped after i was warned. simple. if noone is going to listen to me here then i do not care if you ban my ip cause i really dont htink i will be coming back. any moderator who warns me about posting again should apologise to me , and apologise to the community, as it is only showing the public that maybe they shouldnt bother expressing there opinions in the future and they might be too scared to after seeing me banned for getting into debates with people who so passionately love this game. actually read everything ive said and realise i wasnt flaming anyone. i have learnt my lesson. there is no point communicating to anyone about the flaws of this game if they are hardcore fans because i will not win.
  12. after knowing the reason why i was banned, i would like an apology from the moderators who banned me please. read the last 2 pages from the thread in which i was supposedly banned because of. quote the flaming i caused in here if you still think i was flaming. i will proove anyone against me wrong.
  13. not only did i not flame anyone in that thread, i was the one who was being flamed. i even ignored a guy so no further arguments would occur. in that thread i told a guy called rut-wa jodar to stick a lightsaber up his butt for telling me to get a life. i then put him on ignore. why not ban him too? i was warned after i said that and i behaved myself since that comment. the only other negative thing i said towards anyone in that thread was SITH_ShadowCat who i called a smacktard cause he was picking on some guy. dont believe me? go over the whole thread. everthing i said in there was over 2 pages. it might be a bit to read, but if anyone read what i said, they would realise other people in there were saying alot worse stuff amd do you see them banned?
  14. careful man. i basically said this game sucked, but in a little more intelligent way (no offense) and looks like i was banned. noone here wants to hear the truth.
  15. yes it is real. and if a moderator here cant notice the difference between 30fps and 90 fps, what hope does this game have?
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