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  1. My sincere apologies but I have not had much time to play and see for myself... I was wondering if anyone has noticed any stability improvments since the patch. Primarily when the maps switch; since release it was almost a roll of the dice to see if the server was going to hold up. Not to mention if it was full, it was almost certain. I imagine this was one of the first things that was worked on, but I am just curious if anyone has noticed a difference, or if there are still some issues that need working out. Thanks in advance. Back
  2. Good work. I am sure it is going to be a pain to get the servers switched over to linux once the files come out... Good times. Back
  3. Awesome. Now if I can just find "scroll lock" hehe. Back
  4. The patch is out. So now everyone can stop whining, and I can stop defending the whiners. AND I didn't get in trouble for talking out of my ass. Good times good times. Back
  5. Well I am writing this because I am annoyed that StarWarsPhreak closes threads and makes some rude replies when he sees this. The one I just read said "I am tired of waiting for the patch" StarWarsPhreak replied "I am tired of seeing these threads, and btw, it is released . He then proceeded to close the thread. Well I will tell you this StarWarsPhreak, you may be an honory chairman of the Forum "get-a-life" society, but you are clearly abusing your admin powers when you are discontinueing peoples right to say what they feel when it was non-offensive and it was not against any forum rules or policies. You closed this thread out of sheer arrogant abuse of your opinion. What is funny is that I am sure you will delete this before people can read it, or you will close it or edit it or something like that. Who knows you might even ban me from the forums. Moral of the story: StarWarsPhreak should really relax a bit, stop being rude, stop abusing your "administration powers" and maybe be informative in stead of sarcastic. The patch this person mentioned above was waiting for is NOT released. [506th]Back Irie
  6. My sugestion to make it bearable untill they release that patch which is freaking NEEDED! Is get some friends and/or join a clan. Why? Because then you can meet up in a chat server and join an empty and trusted server and it will fill up. Find some favorite servers that ping well for you and are reliable and then jot down there names on a piece of paper or something. Then evenn if they are empty have your clanmates join them and other people will to. They just didn't want to play alone.... Back
  7. Hello, I am a member of the 506th Storm Trooper Regiment and I am challenging anyone out there to a Clan match of any size that both teams can make. We will do any maps that you would like... we just want some organized play. I am not sure if our server will be up by then, but we will definitly server it is. Please email me at knunchucksammy@hotmail.com Or visit our website at: http://www.506th-str.tk We are dying for some more blood and we are confident.... Back
  8. NO BOTS! I don't play Single player for a reason. They lag up the computers and they are nubs. I pistol kill all of them.. Back
  9. Hello, The 506th Storm Trooper Regiment is looking for matches with any clan. We like to play Sundays, sometime around noon central time (give or take). I think the maximum scrimmage that we have the people for at this point in time is 8 v 8, or less of course. Let us know if you would like to take us on, you can email me here: knunchucksammy@hotmail.com Or you can visit our website and make a post at http://www.506th-str.tk PLEASE TAKE US ON!!!! We need to play more and practice so we can join a ladder! Back Irie
  10. Bump. We are still looking for members and we have purchased a TS clan server for voice communication. We have just ordered a dedicated server and we are waiting for it to be set up.... Please enlist if you are a serious gamer that wants to have some fun, and partake in organized play. Use the link above and apply in the application section. Back Irie
  11. Hello, I was wondering if anyone would be open for a small scrimm with [506th]. We are not pro's or anything, and we can get about 4 or 5 people for a scrimm. We could get more but just in case someone flaked we will keep it at 4 or 5. If anyone is interested maybe send me an email? knunchucksammy@hotmail.com [506th]BackIrie
  12. I will get back to you on this. I am a member of the [506th] and we too are currently low on players. I am sure that we can get a 5v5 match on sometime this week. I just found inexpensive hosting too! So I think that we are going to have a private server soon. Back Irie You can email me here: knunchucksammy@hotmail.com
  13. Hello, My game name is Back Irie, and I am pretty damn good at this game. I have played it more than most people since it's release, and in order to keep me interested in continuing to be "good" at this game and play a lot, I am going to need to find a clan. Is there anyone out there that would be willing to recruit a west coast (us) game that is experienced in online gaming, clan play, and teamwork? I woudl be an asset to any clan, but on the contrary I want to make sure that the clan I join is right for me to. You have to have a sense of humor, and you have to be mostly adults, or some mature teens... I am not all about the uber l337 r0x0r stuff. I want a fun environment and to make some friends. There are no buddy lists yet in this game so making friends is kind of hard at this point.... Maybe I will just have to wait longer, but please get back to me if your clan is recruiting, and is in need of a pretty damn good swbf player.... Back knunchucksammy@hotmail.com
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