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  1. cool man i have to get the new media player before i can watch them. that game cam is cool i was thinking of getting fraps but this is free
  2. im intrested dominicbedford@hotmail.com im on messanger
  3. i have: p4 3ghz 768mb ati radeon 9200 120hd i run sp and mp full settings no probs
  4. thanks buddy but i was in a server and it was auto teams and there was 3 of one and 10 of the other.
  5. this mite sound stupid but why in some servers can i not pick what team i want i just get put in one and cant change.
  6. i was just playing in a server i walked into a controll point of the other team and they didnt know i was there standing right in the middle, i killed them all wahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  7. i second that fps games are not the same with out mouse and keybord, plus pc version will get mods.
  8. got mine in my local game but gamestation didnt have any
  9. i live in the uk and i found that to i went round the shops to see if i could get it cheap no one had it in the end i went and asked and the counter and they had it.
  10. Ok i been playing swbf all day now and i think the game is amazing. The one thing that gets on my nerves is in sp if you lose a battle you have to go back and do it again, it would have been cool if they did like in bf1942 if you lose a battle you move on to the next one. Any way moving onto mp i like this to it was the main reason i got the game but i have found so far there is a lack of team work everyone tries to be the hero.Maybe in time people will start to work as a team and it will be more fun for everyone. what do you guys think??
  11. after reading some of your specs and seeing the game runs fine for most of you i dont think ill have a problem getting the pc version. my spec: p4 3ghz 1gb radeon 9200 256mb cant wait to play it im off to get it now.
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