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  1. The dokoo ship is in Spire. Let me explain...(maybe i'm wrong ) You have SW Ep.2 dvd vhs? so look when dokoo is escaping geonosis with his fighter... His ship is the geonosian fighter but the sail isnt't here first... but wait for some sec... the sail is deploying.... i think.... i dont really remember... PS: Sorry for my bad english(main language= french) PPS: Maybe i,m wrong...
  2. 1 question.... why you are crying like a baby only for vehicles... c'mon... thats not the end of days... PS: I pity the fool who read this.
  3. Galactic Conquest its like a strategy game. First, you choose one of theses 4 factions then you choose a planet to attack. If you win, you can choose another planet to attack etc. But if you loose, the enemy will attack one of your planet. The goal is to controle the entiere galaxy... kinda like that...
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