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  1. Yavin took me like 15 times to complete. Hoth I did on the first try, go figure. =)
  2. Video quality will be no different. Game runs from the hard disk, not CD/DVD. DVD just means less disks to swap out during install.
  3. The patch will be out late next year. It will cost $50 and be titled Star Wars Battlefront III.
  4. Thanks Biny, worked like a charm. Did it on my first attempt.
  5. The problem lies in getting to that point. =) Its been kicking my butt for the last 2 weeks. By the time I get to deliver the bomb to the door, my reenforcement count is nil and I'm dead. Any pointers would be nice. BTW, I've tried it with all classes, none helped any more than another.
  6. I went out and got a GeForce 6200 256MB card for under $150.00US retail (cheaper online, didn't want to wait though). Works great.
  7. Could possibly be your video card. The MX series is not supported. Only a guess though.
  8. Your graphics card isn't up to par. Read over the requirements again. Graphics cards are relatively cheap these days. You can get one for under $150US.
  9. Look in the Strategies Forum: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=155730
  10. 2) I have a similar prob. Every time I start the game the error dialog box pops up and asks me to insert CD. I click on 'retry' and the game starts right up. I contribute it to an older CD drive.
  11. TK209

    My PC Specs

    Based on the info given, you should be just fine. Note: Not a sure thing it will work, but your specs seem up to par.
  12. Read somewhere that the developers took out the 'prone' feature because no one used it. Seems the game moves too fast for it sometimes to be useful
  13. Keep in mind I am speaking of the PC version only: It's a good game. It has its flaws, but over all I am glad I bought it. Like most games it seems these days, SW:BF was probably pushed onto the shelves too early. Probably to go along with the DVD Trilogy release. I heard the same thing happened to BF:1942 when it first came out, bug after bug. I don't know how it works for the consoles, but imagine trying to make a game compatible with every type of PC configuration out there. Some notable things: - The server select screen is borderline useless, filters would help a great deal here. And actual ping numbers. - Like someone posted earlier, the game is one big frag fest. Not that that is a bad thing, it just gets old quick. - The single player cut scenes were a huge disappointment. I can remember playing games like Diablo and Starcraft just to see the cut scenes as the story progressed. With all the artistic talent I know is there, to see DVD scenes pasted in was a let down. Hopefully the changes they spoke of in the last patch message will fix a lot of the bugs as well as make the game more enjoyable.
  14. Hit "G", which is your alternate secondary weapon (normally a grenade). Toss it, and you now have control over it. You can fly arround and shoot stuff. I have not called in an air strike, so I can't tell you how to do that. Good luck. TK209
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