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    I like to hang around wit my friends play lax and bball
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    lax bball football and rollerblading comp games
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  1. uhh this is a stupid question but r u filled up wit gernades otherwise srry for the useless info
  2. yea it doesn't look like anything in the hangar...
  3. yea i would like turrets and vehicles... but that would mean much bigger maps... and droids!!!
  4. lol ok well how about an option to take out some weapons when u want to or something...
  5. THE ROCKET LAUNCHER... i am not sure if anyone said this but the blast radius is huge and a noob can come in and get like 20 kills and just stand where the ammo is... and it homes in on you if u charge it or whatever... but it is also fun to shoot the ppl and see them go flying
  6. Yeah that works out for me too... this one time I ran into their base with a pistol and took 2 guys out and brought the flag back to base.
  7. both the acp and the dc-17 are pretty much the same power... and yea a lot of ppl like teh republic more... warm blooded soft skins!!
  8. can you just put in a certian weapons set that you find? like nothing... or just certian weapons?
  9. Weren't most of the questions really easy...? The only one I had to look up was who made the gunships... do you win if you are one of the first people to give it in?
  10. have u downloaded the newest patch? o and the jet pack is more fo a jump pack
  11. right right i was just trying to think of wat would make the experience better for me...
  12. Name:i am a clone so my code name is beta 90 Age:24 Faction:Republic Weapons:dc-17m wit sniper and anti armor attachments and dropped bowcaster Skills:infiltration and speed Weaknesses:piloting and medic skills... i jumped out of a gunship wit my squad and saw wookiees scrambling everywhere... "alright squad offensive formation!!" i ran over to the top of a hill and looked out over the vast plains... there were a ton of droids coming our way..."well let's give them hell, boys..."
  13. hey every1 is saying they see the commandos say something in the subtitles... i never saw any subtitles... is it cause my pixel shader needs to be better?
  14. "alright squad let's move..." i walked a couple of steps and some1 walked out of a room...i shot him before he had time to trigger the alarm.."multiple enemy hostiles closing in on our location... get ready"
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