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  1. Don't flame me. I'm just asking a question. That's what these forums are for.
  2. I'm not to up on my Star Warsology. I don't understand who fights who. Does anybody know, or does anybody have a list of this. Like which droids fight who in which maps. Does the republic fight the droids or do they fight clones? If anybody can explain this, it would be helpful to me. When i go into a server I would like to know who fights who. Does the Republic fight the Imperial guard? I just don't know. Vinny
  3. SEN 5241

    Sigs ???

    I know this is a question for another forum, BUT since I always post in here I figured I would get the answer from in here. What's up with everybody's sig on this forum site? Everybody's sig only shows their link to the sig and not the sig itself.
  4. Then again he might be better off. Maybe a good patch will be out when he gets the game. The new patches make my MP interface work like poop.(shows all red pings) I reinstalled SWBF last night just so the MP interface would work right. (now it shows all green pings) Overall, if you like MP games like me, wait for it, it's worth it. Well, unless I can't mod, then I'm just going into HL2 in Nov. But the mods have started without LA's help so the game might still worth it. Vinny
  5. TEX CLAN is a gaming group that has been around for 7 years. A lot of us play Raven Shield, Battlefield 42, Diablo, Tiger Woods '04, Counter Strike, Call of Duty just to name a few. We have a SWBF channel on our Ventrilo server but only have a couple of members playing SWBF at this time. If you have any care to join a strong gaming group such as TEX, and play well as a team member, please drop by our site and send TEX_HIGH an email. Also stop by our Ventrilo server. Tell them Vinny sent you Game well ! Vinny
  6. 38 It's not the years, it's the mileage.
  7. I was playing online and was getting my normal ping (lots of greens). I updated with patch 1.00a. Then I went back on line and all my ping readings were in red. Has anybody seen this, can someone help? Vinny:naboo:
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