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  1. Browsing MO sucks for me I have to scrool down using either the mouse scroll or the arrow keys. You can't even frak the side bar down. I agree with you the should fix MP overall.
  2. For Endor I would like to see that when you llook up there will be the second death star make some capital ships stand out and see red and green laser going back in forth and once in a while the death star will shoot it's turbo laser. As for Hoth I would like to see the ion cannon shoot into space once in a while and also seeing a couple of x-wings and a medium transport leave Hot in the same direction from where the ion cannon is. This is just what I think that will make these two maps look cooler
  3. I realize that there must be other topics on this but I'm just creating this thread so people can expreses their views in one thread instead of going to other threads. After seeing and hearing about the latest patch 1.1 I think they can surely make better improvements. Would I like to see, as usual, is some space maps and improve the existing maps by making them larger. Take Hoth for example, make the map a little larger in length and width. My reasons are: it doesen't really seem to be more like the movies it's still very fun but air speeders don't really have enough room to manoveur also, I think they should make the bases a little further apart the imperials can easily storm the rebel base. And I would rather that the shield generator be straight ahead rather than making a huge curve. I would also like to see new gametypes. CTF maps in SWBF are really good for this game type. Assault maps like camino are really good for this too and the other standard ones which are good. I would also like to see some space maps. I would alos like to see that you can pick up weapons and drop your own weapon. Perhaps more vehicles like the ones in the BF1942 MOD Galactic conquest. and there is more but I'll like to see some of yours. please this thread is open to any idea. Hey maybe we can get the Dev team to look at this;)
  4. Now that you mentioned it maybe there should be a map where your on a podrace track and at random times racers will just pop up and run over you and you can kill the racers.
  5. This map is really not that bad. I still think that there should be a trench part for both death stars if the Rebels destroy it they win. Now some of you are asking how to destroy. Simple, just do what you did on Endor in the bunker.
  6. What you guys should do is go on Endor and have a speeder bike race
  7. I think there should be space maps and both death star trenches would be cool too. For the space maps there should be 10 capital ships on each side (each count as a spawn point) and a mother ship (Imp: SSD Rebels: Mon Calamari cruiser Clone Troopers: the smaller versions of the Star destroyer CIS: trade federation control ship) and there should be dogfights in the space idead and capital ships can shoot the star fighters and there can be transport ships that carry troops to capital ship to another capital ship. There should deinately be more modes like CTF, DM, Assault, search and destru etc.... There should be a bigger version of all maps. More maps. Vehicles should be a little bit weaker and that's it that should make Battlefront a more beautiful game oh and there should be more flying room and a higher invisible ceiling and you should be able to twist and turn and barrel rolls with starfighters, Would be nice to have a little bit more fighters on each side (Imp: TIE intercepter, advance defender, assault gunboat, Missle boat etc... (but not too much maybe on or 2 on each side) Rebels: B-wing, A wing or maybe a Z-95 Clones: The ships they use in the cartoon and not jedi starfighters since they are noe Jedi CIS: meh) and like Sata said the old republic and sith factions with the worlds from KOTOR.
  8. Guys PM me if you Tarkin doesen't seem to reply nack tou your e-mails.
  9. Guys PM me if you Tarkin doesen't seem to reply nack tou your e-mails.
  10. Yay new patch. Nothing new that increases the game but enemy AI on hard. W00000T come up with better stuff.
  11. This game is really not that bad. I kinda find it a little bit addictive. But compared to some other star wars games and other War-based game I think it could've done better. The trailers and ads made it look good but it's just a disappointment for us gamers.
  12. I think they should fix everything in Battlefront. I'm not saying anything negative about it I just think it's 'unfinished'. I think the maps should be bigger like genosis. Iwish hoth was longer and the shied generator was on the other side instead of making curve. Lke everyone else..... we need more air room and action. Air vehicles just don't have enough room to fly and the vehicles should be able to carrel roll and stuff like that. I find that vehicles are way to strong and take like half the level to destry them. (like the rebel speeder) I personnaly think all open maps (like Hoth) should be just as big as Genosis. And fix the AI on hard to be smarter (thank god for the new patch). But Like I said before the PC version had to fit the console version which can't handle as much as the PC.
  13. Um maybe you should get the v 1.01 patch
  14. I think every Star wars fan is looking foward to Republic commando. I think Halo has more people playing becase it's free. But still. A demo beating batlefront? I still think that Battlefront should've been rushed to the the consoles but than take more time working on the PC version.
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