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  1. True but it was worken fin umtill 2 days ago
  2. But if the disc is bad y would they take it?
  3. Well im the 1st dum ass in gaming i lost the reset
  4. Hey Im geting a "Securom Error" Heres what it says ERROR: Please insert the original disc instead of a backup. You are trying to start a copy-protected application which requires the original disc to be in the CD/DVD-ROM drive. Please check to make sure your disc is an original. This is the correct disc and i bought it from game stop. It has been worken for scence the day it came out, and thats when i bought it. It started given me these errors yesterday. I tryed cleaning the disk restarting the computer. I just dont know ???? Can some one help?
  5. is there a place were I can register my clan thanks bendude out...
  6. well yeah I know that. But it only Shots the back of them. How did the makers of the game get the front of them with out the gun there? I Americas Army you can do that its called FreeCamera. it lets you see evrey were on the soilder... Thanks
  7. Hey were can i get good screen shots for my web. or take screenshotes like the ones on the battle front.com
  8. Hello. I have Just opened Up a Christian guitar Forum Page. And I am Looken For 1 Good Cristian Guitarest To help Me out. And Make A Example For the Lord. Please Post A Reply If you are Interested Thank you. I will have a web soon... But if you are a christian guitarest and dont want to be a admin. I hope that you will join our forums as a member.
  9. And some reson it dont HEY ADMIN U NEED TO PUT TAGS IN
  10. hello im bendude, And I have seen some people trying to make there sigs work well heres a hint And i should work
  11. nvr mind dog sloberd all over it cleaned it and it works fine thanks for your help though Bendude
  12. Well yes some yet most people know that you can get ammo and health from driods. The black long one Give health while the litte brown one gives ammo. You will see these every were there is a command post. But the little r-2 unit? Posible i think it fixes the shipes if landed proberly. How did i stumble on to this? Well I was playing Battle Of Hoth and I was low on ammo and health and I was up near the speeders when i step next to these droids. I started seeing blue and red rings around me. Then I looked at my health bar and it was given me health. Later in the game i have relized it have given me ammo to. So remember Black for health and Brown for ammo. See ya later Bendude
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