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  1. all i know is if ever i get my hands on an SDK for BF i will make the most fire pod racing mod to grace the universe
  2. will do! anything to get this kicked off
  3. Prime I hope you are right in me getting my wish, this is a game that I really love and would be pleased to see player content added to the game. The Voice Of One Is But A Whisper, The Voice Of Many Can Be Loud
  4. http://www.lucasarts.com/games/swbattlefront/leaderboards_ps2.html this is for the leaderboards as for per player stats im not sure about that one.
  5. Rends I appreciate the link but i want the capabiltiy to add maps not change them.
  6. I say why not contact both, then when one communicates with the other they will both be familar with the request. This shouldnt be so much of a discussion on why they should or why they wont. the time you spend telling me they wont do it for a thousand reasons is time you could use to send a simple email asking if they will. and hey if they dont then you are right just pat yourself on the back.
  7. italegion, thanks for the link to pandemic. i am glad to see that some people understand what i am trying to do. instead of those who give up b4 they try with what ever justification they try to present. Yes prime i understand all the things that you say that is why i said "commercial empire" every thing you say is a definition of what that is. and so my point being is that by the request of what the gaming commmunity wants from its games i dont just want to play my game i want to mod them. someone needs to tell them this. by the way could you post a list of games not made by valve or steam that used the first half-life engine, i seem to be comming up short.
  8. I have been actively emailing Lucas Arts requesting that a SDK be released for this game. I know many of you would use your wits to tell me how useless this is. But it is useless to tell me that. The point of this thread is to STRESS the importance of player feedback to the developers. Maybe they will eventually hear the voice that supports their commercial empire and do something simple. It is so evident that the life span of a game relies on customization. So if you truly enjoy this game put forth the effort to keep it going, who wants to play the endor map for another year. Let me make my own. So Speak To The Developers. It Doesnt Matter If It Is The Same E-mail, Just Send It Every Day. Have Your Mother Send One Also!
  9. it would be naive if you thought you knew my intentions in making that statment
  10. who needs the demo just get the game its worth it
  11. you might wanna check http://www.darktiderising.net there are some very good mappers and skinners in that clan try Lazarus mapping and DK skinning
  12. "spawn invincibility" sux i hates it yes i do in the PC version there seems to be some wierd lagging effect caused by the spawn invincibility, i dont mean like a connection lag but like dont be trying to shoot cause that will delay when you can or taking 10 seconds to get in a vehicle but the spawn settings are 2 seconds Imperials Rule & Droids Drool
  13. there was probably a reason you heard so much about it for the PC and not the PS2
  14. Yeah its http://www.ithrewmyconsoleinthetrash.net
  15. Yes I actually like your idea of the placements for the spawn points on the bridges, it would actually create some realism for the use of the area and also some interesting melee and Naboo plains is the worse for the spawn monkeys but hey i can understand if i needed to impress myself easily id go for the simple kills but me if i wanna impress myself with how i play i wont even use a ship ill subtract the # of times i died from my kills then add the captures = my given score its a more realistic method why brag of 10 kills when you have 11 deaths
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