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  1. God damn it! I found it, thanks Naomi, I didn't see it.
  2. The first code is 4 purple, 2 yellow & 1 red, after you enter it exit that panel and go to the thing on the left side of the screen, it says triangular button, or something like that, after you press it the robot picks up the lens. Now you have to enter another code foe the robot to fix it, its 5 purple, 4 blue & 1 red, you push the triangular button again and the robot will fix the lens.
  3. The little critter just stole the piece from the door... I assembled the trap: the pin goes in the round hole, the hook goes in the pin, the rib cage goes on the hook, but the blue rod doesn't go with the rib cage. What am I supposed to do? He just says those two things don't work toghether, or somethin like that.
  4. Right, I'm really into comics, I started out with the first series of Metal Hurlant and advanced to Slow Death and other Last Gasp comics of the time. My alltime favorite comic artist is Richard Corben, he really reinvented the use of the airpen (or whatever that thing is called). After reading almost all of his works a new stile distracted my attention, that of Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy and other strange characters in his paranormal/horror stories. Then I saw the Tank Girl movie and I really wanted to see the comics of which the movie was partially based on. Then there was the Warhammer series that didn't really impress me and simmilar comic type ABC Warriors. After some more french comics as Lanfeust des Etoiles (the early series was called Lanfeust de Troy) Magazine, I finally discovered my (now) favorite comic series: Hellblazer. Now I'm looking forward to reading the Army Of Darkness comics
  5. Yeah, I just downloaded this game and its made out of 79 zip files, I extracted the zip files and they all form this huge 4 Gb iso file. The thing is that the iso file doesn't quite work, I mean it opens up and there's nothing in it, and it shows me some kind of error. The file is not corrupt, that I know for sure. Could anyone help me out 'ere? Not to mention that I waited 10 days for this game to download...
  6. Dude, you just have to throw the slack o' meat in one of the cars, then pull it up with the electro-magnet-thingy (be shure the mutt is inside the car you're lifting), then you can get the damn forks.
  7. Yeah! That movie was awesome! I just love sad Jim Carrey movies.
  8. Yes I am a Clive Barker fan, first I saw Hellraiser, then I got the whole series (there are 8 Hellraiser movies for those that don't know, and the last two movies are filmed here, in Romania - Bucharest and in the ending of the 7th movie there is a chick reporting the news that happens to be the sister of a good friend of mine... preatty cool, huh?). After that, I purchesed one of his books, Cabal, then I saw the movie, Nightbreed. And now I'm trying to get a hold of Lord Of Illusions. If anybody knows any other movies directed by him or characters based on his sick imagination, please let me know. P.S. I loved Clive Barker's Undying...
  9. A few days ago I saw the movie derived from H. P. Lovecraft's short story, Dagon. The movie was very well written and the dialogues aren't corny at all, exept the ending of the movie when it turns into a "I AM YOUR FATHER" scene. The special effects are pretty, alas, it is a low buget movie, but it captivates you, pulls you deep into the mobid imagination of H.P. Lovecraft. And I really liked the ending(s), it isn't a happy end, but it's rather original, I mean I never saw a ending like that (don't watch just the ending, watch the whole movie damn it!). Anyway I recomend it to those cult classic maniacs, horror movie lovers or H.P. Lovecraft fans, hope you like it as much as I did.
  10. It isn't made by Steven Spielberg... it's made by Doug TenNaPeL, if you get the game you'll see the making of. The story of the game is roughly from the bible, the whole creation thing and then it turns a left turn, it's way too hard to explain the meaning of the game.
  11. That sucks, bigtime (I hate it when that happens...).
  12. You haven't lived until you played The Neverhood, but I still can't believe you haven't heard of it, I mean damn, I first heard of it in 1997 and finally got it about a month ago... told you it is awesome
  13. And I'm still waiting for that Snaggletooth-Cthulhu thing...
  14. Dude, you really liked that movie.
  15. I want one (avatar), something between Motörhead's mascot (that cool head-thingy), "Snagletooth" and that Mythos summerian god, Cthulhu. If you can make it 120 x 120 and in a gif format (I want it to morph between the two things, then morph back), then I would be very grateful and will get drunk in the name of the person that can do this (I'll do than anyway ).
  16. I know when and where it took place... it was... A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
  17. Necroman

    Bar fight

    *Overcharges the Jukebox transforming it into a sonic weapon and with an allmighty Fender (stratocaster) sends out deadly riffs at...uh...Joshi * (Joshi is out for 5 posts )
  18. *Listening to "Runnin With The Devil" by Van Halen* I was convinced that Satan was the math teacher...(don't ask )
  19. Hmmm..., hey Thrik, that guy from your avatar is really starting to push my buttons.
  20. If I'll ever have children (and if they won't be retarded ), I'd rather have a girl (don't know why) and I think I'm gonna name her "Melissa" (like Mercyful Fate's second album), or if I'll have a boy (that won't be retarded ) I would name him "Lemmy" (I think Lemmy doesn't need any kind of introduction).
  21. I read all of your replies very carefully and all of you missed one awesome adventure game, it is either unknown to some of you or absolutely no one here played it (or you "liked" it so much you never want to hear about it), I'm rambling about The Neverhood. I just finished the game yesterday and I'm trying to play it since 1997, so imagine. You really should play this game (for those of you who didn't and I hope there are few) it's worth wasting a night of you life.
  22. There, signed, happy now? BTW, what's it for? If you don't mind me asking...
  23. I got "Lost Highway" right here on my desk but I didn't have the time to watch it (I gotta go to school in 3 hours), and the guy that gave me this movie said something about "Twin Peaks", he said something like:"If you like Lost Highway, I'll give you Twin Peaks... I really want to get "Dune", I liked the old one more than the new ones. And I looking forward to seeing "The Elephant Man"
  24. In 50 years I hope to look like they guy from my avatar ... But seriousley I don't think humans have a bright future ahead of them, it's either "Planet Of The Apes" or something very similar (for those of you that read Mark Grant's "Mutants Amok").
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