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  1. LOL! That's what my friend calls his ship. I'm leveling my commando with his vanguard plus a sage and guardian. Leveling in a group of 4 with two of them having Mortar Volley only accents how truely awesome Troopers are. Walk into a room full of non-elites? Room asplodes and the Sage & Knight are picking up the scraps. Having way too much fun as a Commando... The other day I decided I was far too amazing for normal armor and was in need of a cape so I purchased an orange JK piece with extra Tat Commendations and outfitted it with Aim Mods. I'm officially the caped crusader and it's friggin awesome. Cape + Massive Double Barrel Cannon + Big explosions = Pure Nirvana Troopers are pretty dang boss.
  2. I would guess this recent post on DarthHater pretty much kills any thoughts of non-human like races I had.
  3. Not so sure about that when reading about some of the story lines that Bioware is putting together, but the names are certainly disappointing and really pop out when playing "which one of these is not like the others."
  4. +1 to that. Yeah, several names are not all that creative or appealing. Wizard and Shadow Jedi being two big ones. Sorcerer being the other weird one. Also I'm just kinda sad the classes seem so cookie cutter. I was hoping that the specialized classes wouldn't look exactly the same on both sides and allow a little variety.
  5. Darth Hater tossed up a reveal of advanced classes from Gamescon. Imperial Agent - Operative (uses blaster rifle or energy blade, stealth, burst ranged damage) & Sniper (dps - counterpart of Gunslinger) Sith Inquisitor - Sorcerer (force damage, single bladed lightsaber) & Assassin (double bladed lightsaber, stealth, burst damage) Bounty Hunter - Powertech & Mercenary Jedi Consular - Shadow (double-bladed lightsaber) & Wizard (healing / single lightsaber) Trooper - Commando (tank) & Vanguard Add that to the ones revealed already and we see a pretty decent picture forming.
  6. Yep. It looks slick, but you can definitely tell it's star fox style rails. However as much as I like my star fox, one of my favorite things to do on Star Fox 64 was the practice mode that was 360 degree free flight.
  7. Hopefully if they take the user backlash into account we'll get free roam space. Forums all over the place haven't been too friendly to their announcement it would be a tunnel shooter. Bioware has been pretty interested in listening to their users so far and that early announcement was a good testing of the waters. They've pretty much received the mandate that a tunnel shooter isn't good enough. We shall see.
  8. I point you back to Tommycat's post: "As for the ships, Those were guesses by the magazine, not the actual ships. Except the Sith and Jedi ones." The article itself has a whole ton of speculation in it that probably did more to misinform than to help.
  9. Indeed. Mon Cals were in a lot of concept art early on and in a couple of early screens as well as a few other alien races. However with seven playable races officially announced and all of them human analogues, it's not looking pretty.
  10. Bugs me. Seems like we're sitting in Star Trek rather than Star Wars. When I was growing up Star Trek shows were always low budget affairs where for some reason every alien in the room looked like a human plus pointy ears, or a green human, or a brown human with wrinkles. What we have so far: Human plus green skin (Mirialans), humans plus horns (Zabrak), humans plus red skin (Sith pure blood), humans plus blindness (Miraluka), humans plus blue skin (Chiss), humans plus head tails (Twi'lek) and humans. Come on! In Star Wars you see plenty of the humanoids, but you're also seeing aliens that, although they walk on two legs and have two arms are very different. Look at Mon Cals, look at Ithorians, Wookies, Ewoks, Gungans, Rodians, Sullistans, Gands, Trandoshans, etc. You can be humanoid and not look human. It seems almost every species revealed looks human. It's just a little too much of a cop out for me. One of the joys of Star Wars is the mashup of so many varieties of aliens. There is none of that here and it doesn't thrill me.
  11. Sounds more like SW: Rebel Assault. Now we're really getting retro. Dunno. Not enough information for now, but I think a single player restricted space combat isn't fleshed out enough. Bioware wants so much polish on everything, but right now this area is obviously lacking some polish. If it stays on a single player track I am more inclined to just remove the feature entirely. The potential for a battlefront style of space PvP is just too tantalizing. To be left with more of a single player mini-game is a little depressing. If you're going to do an MMO, do a freaking MMO.
  12. Small fighter would be pretty dang good for combat and such. Couple of fighters even for companions on non-battleground encounters. Dunno if that would fall too much in line for each class though. I mean Smugglers having a fighter bay? I can't figure them riding anything much bigger than the falcon. Not sure about it. I figure since it's an RPG though they wouldn't want space combat to be the only cookie cutter piece about the game, plus they've mentioned customizing your ship. So I'm leaning that way, but that the same time you'd want to keep starfighter combat in the game too. Not sure which side of the fence i feel comfortable with right now. It'll be interesting to see the implementation.
  13. Battlefront would be okay. I guess what would SW be without boarding ships and such. But then again I love the straight up feel of the X-wing series. Also in terms of space combat I wonder if it goes Battlefront style would you just be restricted to military fighters for space combat? That would work well, but there is also the desire to throw your own personal tricked out craft into the fray, but I don't know if I want to see just a big freighter battle. Seems a little too hodge podge for the kind of organized military actions that SW is known for (other than the occasional freighter)
  14. This is one issue I was holding my breath on. To me space combat is one of the most integral parts of the SW universe. Really making me happy to see this hit. I can just imagine space battlegrounds with fleets squaring off. It's gonna be classic. SWG shipped without speeders and without space combat. I'm glad SWTOR is gonna do this thing right.
  15. I saw that and rejoiced as well. Definitely my favorite piece of the reveals for E3 was finding out troopers are gonna be the battleships they should be. It's gonna be great. BTW, anyone notice the Chiss playable race reveal? I have no idea how they are gonna work that in lore wise, but I've always had a soft place in my heart for Thrawn.
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