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  1. This game has MASSIVE potentail I have played WoW and Galaxies (still playing wow since 04") and both games are very good but SWG kinda dies if you dont have anyone else to play with. Its all about the friends you make and community. SWG kinda feels dead nowa days on some servers and SWG has no high end content like wow does so more focus on freinds is needed
  2. GoW sucks though. Plus its runs of a diff engine so the graphics look alot diffrent. Crysis has one hell of an engine behind it. Oh and sorry for the mistake on Ubisoft making Crysis
  3. Yeah you should try the multiplayer. Thas what I mean by balanced. The SP is pretty dam good I might add.
  4. SWG was realy fun we people threw parties at their huge mansions
  5. Ok since I won both of these games lemme give you a review SWG: Good game until you realize that there is nothing to do. It hardly supports PvP or Group space battles. The devs are horrible, you cant get support for crap and it does not support game cards. Plan on soloing just about this entire game. WoW: Great game, devs are always on top of things, Burning Crusade Expansion sucks unless you are a hardcore player. The game is kinda slow untill you reach the higher levels (30+) and PvP some of the best I have ever seen. Teamwork is an issue here as instances get realy hard and fun at the same time. My opinion...EVE online is the best game I have ever played. No wait the best MMO I have ever played
  6. Lighting the mood? Now you have started a flame fest
  7. I have not herd any news about a port but usually any good game for xbox comes out for PC sooner or later.
  8. Why? Ubisoft is making Crysis which is gonna be the best game for the next year!
  9. Gears of War is a discrace to gaming and balanced gameplay. Did Oblivion run off the unreal engine or a custom engine? EDIT: nvm Oblivion runs off Gambryo
  10. Techincaly the PS3 has the most power.....personaly I could not care less about halo anymore. I used to play Halo 2 online until 1 in 3 people were hackers. MGS is realy a great game that some people just cant see. Does this mean ima get a PS3? Hell no!! 600 dollars for a more "powerful" system or 400 for a more developed system thats fun as hell?
  11. I like both. When it comes down to it the only SW game I play anymore is most likly StarWars Galaxies. but I realy like playing the multiplayer of Jedi Academy and RPing.
  12. First off the PS3 has been out about a year less than the 360. Therefore you cant realy say that it has less power becuase it does not. The 360 is not all that powerful. Being out a year before the PS3 also means that it has more games. ( not better ones ) The PS3 just needs some time.
  13. Yeah dont get a PS3 its total crap. Sony released 250k systems to feed a population of 3 million WTF?!?!?! ( and it sucks )
  14. Yhea i have xbox live and a 360, if anyone wants to play my tag is: primalunderdog
  15. Ok here is my review of these systems...and yes I have all 3 PS3: The PS3 looked good at first* you can surf the web and buy crap right from the dashboard. Pretty cool. The games havea pretty good FPS and visual glare that the 360 does not have. Graphics are good but are still bested by 360. Most of all its freakin 600 bucks. This was not worth the money. My computer cost 650 and I can do alot more with it than this. Xbox 360: My first of the next gen...well it freezes every now and then but not that big of a problem. Privite chat sytem is cool but i wish you could more than 1 person. Graphics are the best out of the 3 but could change by by next year becuase the PS3 has way more potential power( but the 360 does too ). has the most and best games out right now. Wii: I dont know why people compare this to the next gen systems. It is not about graphics. First off dont buy redsteel. The controller is realy cool. It has a speaker in it. Best of all its motion based not button. Though it does have buttons on it. Graphics are the worst of the nex gen but when I have freinds over guess what we play first.
  16. Yeah I think they are going for a late 07' release....go to wikipedia.com
  17. badass man.I am a medic and I can do some pretty cool stuff like piosen people then target their anatomy and do a 2 hit kill on pretty much anyting lower than level 25.Which is not much at all but it still is good.
  18. I have the trail and if I buy the real thing I can keep my character right???
  19. ((I killed the jedi so if it was alkonium he is dead)) Ryu ran through the woods.His head was in terrible pain from being hit so hard.After a few hour went by he regained his edge and went back to the site for round 2.He stepped into the clearing only to be ambushed by the 2 suviving jedi he left back in the infirmary.His raged fueled him so he gather his ki then fired a blast of eletricty at the jedi.
  20. After the jedi had put Ryu in one of the ship holds his neural healing implants began working.He awoke in a ship surrounded by 3 jedi.He sprang up from the metal bed.He did not have his sword.The jedi fliped on their sabers and got into their stances.Ryu parried ones attack by grabbing his arm then breaking it over his back then punched his throat crushing his windpipe.The 2 other jedi called in for backup.Ryu then focused all his ki energy then teleported into the Jungle, still with out his sword.He had only his bare hands and his Ki powers.
  21. I enjoy playing BF2 by myself with bots.It is still tons of fun.
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