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  1. I'd love it if you were able to have battles on land and in the air/space above the planet at the same time, and could travel between the two. Probably way too large to be able to pull off for multiplayer though.
  2. Ok, tested the DVD-ROM in my friend's computer and it works fine. WHAT??
  3. Nah its not that, My CD-RW drive is labeled as the D and the DVD-RW is labeled E.
  4. I had taken it off for a while, but I go to put it back on, I put the DVD-Rom in my drive, and I'm not getting any autoplay action. It'll just bring up the my computer screen of the dvd, showing a directx folder with 36 megs of stuff in it and the 1 kb autorun file. And thats it. And when I try to run the autorun manually, it just opens a blank notepad file and says: "cannot open the e:\autorun.inf file, make sure a disk is in the drive you specified". Its in the right drive, in the DVD-RW drive, and its not reading something I guess. Anyone else have this? It previously installed just fine and everything worked great. Now its doing this out of nowhere.
  5. oh cool thanks. hmmm i gotta check out Vader and Mace. those are sounding good.
  6. does anyone have a list of the characters available? i've only played as Obi Wan, Darth Maul, Emporer, Han, and Boba so far through scant playings.
  7. woo great response! thanks. hm it all sounds decent really. and any lost maps you know either will be back officially in updates, or more likely through players modding and whatnot. i hope so when it comes to Bespin and Dune Sea, those were good i thought. those new game modes sound good too, so its not all bf1942 the all the time.
  8. haven't played Battlefront 1 in a while, but i will check it out every now and then. how are the new maps in BF 2, and particularly the space ones (this is the big selling point after all)? are the new land maps really different from BF 1 ones? are the space maps tiny? seems like not much else is different from the first one, so this is kinda what makes the decision to drop another 50 bucks or not. just looking for some general comments really, don't have to go into crazy detail, unless you want to.
  9. bigger maps & space maps. nothing that probably everyone hasn't already brought up and wants, but oh well. i'll put it in writing in this thread.
  10. wow, very cool. i'll be looking forward to this one!
  11. i have a laptop - HP Pavilion ze5400 (xt5477wm if that helps. 2.8 ghz, 80g hard drive, 512 RAM, Radeon IGP 345M(came in it), win XP, cable modem. i get major lagging in multiplayer and a little in some single player maps. and even with the lowest settings on all the graphics settings in the game (which is another problem). i emailed HP and they said that I can't upgrade or change my graphics card at all. i originally checked the specs, and i have over/better than all the min requirements, so i didn't expect any problems. so i was thinking the graphics/video card was the problem. but now it seems i can't do anything about that. i REALLY wanna play this game! any advice/ideas?? thanks in advance.
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