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  1. I'm not sure when that will happen - all I know is Pandemic have told me that the next version of the PS2 server will be compatible.
  2. This problem (and many others) has been fixed in the last week. A new server+tools update will be released soon.
  3. What GUI problems? You make a good point about units, I'll add this information to the tooltips for the final release.
  4. Most of the problems are being caused by problems on the server end. I'm working with Pandemic to help them resolve these issues but ultimately it's up to them to fix them. There's not much more that I can do.
  5. Without saying anything I shouldn't, I can say that Pandemic are aware of and are working hard to address issues from the first game [in the sequel]. Their commitment to provide comprehensive game server management tools with SWBF2 is a testament to this. I think great things are in store for Star Wars and Battlefront fans everywhere and I can't wait for the beta-testing program to start! (Must ... keep ... studying ...)
  6. Those of you who have used my game server management tools for BF1942 and BFVietnam may be happy to learn that Pandemic has licensed Black Bag Operations game server management tools for SWBF2. See my News page for more information. -kevlar
  7. I'm told that SWBF does not have any kind of RCON system which rules out a BBO server manager for the moment. If Pandemic add a remote console system in the future it may be possible to do this then.
  8. I could be persuaded to put something together for SWBF. I am available for contract work from the middle of Nov to the end of Feb 2005 which is enough time with the right developer support. Feel free to pass this information on to Pandemic. My contact details are here.
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