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  1. I have a Playstation 2, there is no ALT BOUTTON, into the instruction what they say bout ALT, dose it have a name?
  2. Ya I did it, they do not even mention you can roll. Thanks
  3. I have a playstation 2 there is no alt boutton.
  4. I saw many time other guy's online they can roll forward, it is great it goes faster, I never figured out how to do it, any idea?
  5. I saw many people ROLLING FORWARD, I don't believe it when I see it, I never figured out how to do it, I even change controler boutton, nothing work. Anyone find out how?
  6. I wounder if anyone tryed it, I have a multitap and it dose not work with battlfront. But it work with other games.
  7. I am asking because it say behind the box: 4 players online. I have EA SPORT NBA 2004 and you can play 2 people online agains't 2 onther online into the same game.
  8. I try for a month now to have PS2 dedicated server to run, it seem to work with some computers ans not on some others. Maby there is a conflict with another software that people using that making headset not working when hosting a dedicated server. Any idea what software is the conflict?
  9. I just went into a server made by someone else, and headset where working properly, can't tell how.
  10. Hi all, You wounder what port to oppen to activate the server v 1.1. I install PORTMAGIC a software that open all port a game want to. The port that was oppen for the game is 3658 UDP. This is the only one port to open. Something else to know. About the mic or headset. They can't work 2 reasons: 1. Those devices are eating alot of bandwith, with a slow connection it won't work at all. 2. That software dose not support headset. There is nothing else to try to oppen port or anything they do not work. End
  11. Thank's, I was looking into swbattlefront.net file and wan't not there, woundering why. Let the force be with you.
  12. I had the same problem, the cause whas that I install PC version instead of PS2 version.
  13. I get shouted even when I am well hidden behind wall's it make no sence. Terrible BUG.
  14. mic work into other rooms but not in the one that I am hosting with my dedicated server. HELP
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