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  1. It's funny how half the people in here say they won't buy it, but a week later they'll end up making a thread about how good it is, and they'll tell everyone else to get it.
  2. Some guys at that forum are saying RC is better than Halo 2. Someone should slap them and make them see sence. RC is and will never be better than Halo 2.
  3. No one was complaining. If you actually bothered to read posts properly you would of noticed that no one has.
  4. snj


    It looks like it's singing. Cute, but horrible at the same time.
  5. All you have to do is die or press F1, F2, F3 or F4 and you hear a mans voice. It's honestly not that hard.
  6. Good choice, Fable is a great game but it can't compare with Halo 2.
  7. snj


    Now that just sounds horrible. What do her parents think of her?
  8. Great idea! I've been waiting for a better Tavion for some time. The JO/JA one just does not seem sith like at all. I think you should add more detail to the face and the arms though, just seems a bit plain.
  9. This is pure laziness, how could they make a woman sound like a man and not even realise it?
  10. I'll be buying the collectors edition. I'm not wasting over £70.00 just for the gold version. It's a complete rip-off and Valve should be ashamed. I also see why they delayed the game so many times, so they could pump all of this extra crap into the packages. If they would of not bothered with Counter Strike Source, Half Life 1 Source and the DoD source this would of been released months ago. They're just doing this to make more money. I don't see how they could be so greedy.
  11. Are they going to make movies when Halo 2 is released? That would be great. Especially since the elites are going to play playable, they could make them blue and the other team red. Or something like that.
  12. Recently I pre-ordered Halo 2. I would have gotten the Special Edition but it would of been delivered a week later, on November the 15th, so I just stuck with the regular version. Just to let you know you can post anything you've pre-ordered, it could be a game, a book or a album. Or if you wanted you could post pictures of the product you've ordered. I'm pretty sure everyones heard of Halo 2 so I won't bother posting a picture of the case.
  13. Now that my folks, is hilarious. What was he thinking when he was trying to answer that question?
  14. I think Battlefront isn't that good. I got bored of it very very fast, and the online isn't very good. The graphics are not that impressive. The models are very blocky and the heros of the maps look like stunt doubles. If you look closely at Mace Windu you can see his teeth stick through the front of his mouth so he looks like he has buck teeth. Count Dooku looks like it was a first time skinners job, all his face was stretched and he did not resemble the real actor at all. Luke's eyebrows in BF really annoy me, it seems like his eyebrows were taken off Charlie from Busted and stuck onto his forehead. He really does not resemble him at all. All the other models in the game look fine but not great. The textures are quite nice on the battle droids and the snow troopers. The shadows look really nice and they kinda make up for the bad stuff in the game. I love the music in this game, but then again every Star Wars game has good music. But some times they have sad music in the battles were massive battles are taking place. I didn't honestly feel like I was in a war at all, I felt like I was in a scene from Gladiator. The gun sounds aren't great either, I thought like they would sound at least a tiny bit like the movies but they sound like they are from a completely different game. Online play is quite good but it has major flaws. The lag in most games is horrible and being forced to register for that Gamespy crap is very very annoying. Also when I tried to join with Xfire before, the server seemed to always been full even with empty servers. There isn't a great variation of maps. After you tried them all they just feel boring after you've explored them all, and found all the ways to flank the enemy. It would be alright if they had more maps, this would make up for the small size of the other maps exept for Hoth. That is the only truely big map in the game. The ground vehicles are awesome. They make you feel like you really are in the movie. Controlling an AT-AT for the first time is the best experience I've ever had in a Star Wars game. It felt awesome picking off troops like they were pesky flies. But the air vehicles are horrible. You have a limited space to maneuver them with and if you head straight forward for around 5 seconds you get a message saying that you are leaving the battlefield. A great disappointment. The one thing that stands out the most is gameplay. The gameplay alone makes up for all the flaws in this game. It's awesome to get a squad of team mates to follow you and then have a shootout with the enemy. It feels like a scene from the movie when you are working together to try to take out some of the Imperials vehicles, and you are in the bunkers of Hoth trying to hold the Imps back from the shield generator. If I had to give this a rating I would give it around 6.8/10. I hope the game will improve over time with patches, since BF1942 was nothing until the patches came out. I just hope that they can improve on the game and work out some of the issues that this game has.
  15. If you are talking about the Halo movies, yes. I haven't watched one in a couple of months though, I'll go on the website and check it out. See if they're still funny.
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