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  1. Start a new thread instead... then maybe you'll get answers Jacksanto... Just a suggestion though...
  2. Then try to find the website where you can download a new update to your video card... or try to remove all mods, if you have any in your base folder. Then try to either reinstall the game and update your version or just try to update your version... I would have tried to uninstall then reinstall -> then try to update to version 1.1...
  3. Yeah the last post is very correct, and if you go onboard the Ebon Hawk and say "You seem restless", and then when she answeres something like I am restless because it's all this traveling, respond: This not like Nar shadaa, she'll say somthing like: Nar shadaa's got a life to it, nothing like this ship or something, if you have enough influence with her now, you'll get the option: All things is connected through the force, or Kreia once showed me how the force works on nar shadaa, if you pick the last line I believe you'll get this respons: (Failure) You can keep your jedi training to yourself, but if you have enough influence with her and say: All things is connected through the force, and you have enough influence with her, she'll respond: (Success) I think this is what i want, or something, then the option will come: I can train you to become a jedi, then go out of the Ebon Hawk and show her where Kreia showed you to listen to the force, go ahead just run until the Exile stops by her/himself...
  4. Alright, but the weird thing is that it does much more harm, cause when I start it up, and select the kotor2 dir, and go into the 2da 2da_preview or what it's called, it displays a kotor1 2da file instead of what it should do, If you guys think that i have to report this as a bug to Tetra i will, but if it's not a bug i don't understand what might cause it?
  5. Hey you guys, I'm just wondering why my kotor tool does not respond to my kotor2 dir, I mean is this normal or not, like is there anyway that the game might get ****ed in kotor tool if it's not in a specific folder like I.E. C`/programfiiles/lucasarts/swkotor2 or can I put in like I.E. c:/games/lucasarts/swkotor2? Or does this <--- make it think that it's a none US version and start screaming about your swkotor2 chtin.key is missplaced or out of order, is there any specfic folder you have to put it in?
  6. I didn't read it all so this might have been posted before, But i'd say if, and this is a big IF they'll even gonna create Kotor 3, I'd like it to be with at least these characters: Bastila,Carth,Mira, cause in kotor 2 you'll see a brief cutscene with Admiral Carth Onasi and Bastila, and if you'll end the game as a lightsider you'll get Mira to survive, Revan is wandering somewhere in the Outer Rim, so if they'll gonna follow the story, The Exile won't cross they're path... and all of the other is dead do to the shuttlecrash on Malachor V, so hk47 and the other Droid will survive the shuttlecrash, since they're droids, Canderous(Mandalore) is dead, same goes for Atton,Bao-Dur, the only one who can survive this shuttlecrash is Visas do to the thing that she survived the destrucion of the Miraluka world, and if you're on the lightside in kotor 2 you'll see Bao-durs remote will crush Goto, but if it's vice versa, that means your Exile is on the darkside Goto will crush the remote, this is also if they'll ever create kotor 3: one cool thing to play as is a Twilek female, or you could have a new Twilek female as npc character, her name nonetheless i'm uncertain about.. Handmaiden is also killed in the shuttlecrash... So if they'll gonna go after the story i'd like it to be the kotor 1 story, since it's a longer game... and i would also have more new npc's I've never seen before... rather then have all the old npc's, but as stated in the top i'd like some...
  7. Well you guys, if it's gonna be a MMO game of kotor i'd say no, if kotor 3 comes out.. i would like to have some kind of option to go online, but first you'll have to complete the game like as Revan, but in a online experience, there should have been some kind of option in the menu where it says who you can play as, not that I care, but I would like it to be something like this: I.E they could have put in characters like Revan who cannonicaly is a male, you could have followers in the game as Bastila and Carth, since in kotor 2 you'll see a small cutscene where you'll see Bastila and Carth, all of the other is dead, since they crashed the shuttle in the ground, Mira survives if you play the lightside ending, but if you'd like it to be different, just say so... this is how I want it... in the game you'll play online, you have to have a good persuade skill even if you would like others to join you if you don't have good persuade skill the persons influence will go down and he won't talk to you at all (failure), you can't cotrol this, only the person with a high persuade skill, and also it should have been something like this: if a character has been taken, others can not choose this person or skin(I.E I wanna play as Revan, it stats: I'm sorry but this character is already taken, choose a different character to play with.) and it could have been different skins like Darth Malak in the online folder, and it should have been something like this: JKA possibility to play online, just so you don't have to push the button again and again...
  8. :: acdcfanbill:edit: we don't discuss no-cd cracks here, consider this a warning.
  9. Yeah I would have bought the JK4 game in a heartbeat, cause i do love all of the action they put in the game, but they have to use another character, I don't know, maybe Jacen, Jaina or Anakin Solo, and they could have put in some new characters to attack like some Yuuzahn Vong warriors... and perhaps some more taunts in the multiplayer game..
  10. This is a good clan, and you don't need any skill to get into the clan really, we have what they call not ranks at all, so if you would like to join the clan go here: http://wod.portbb.com/ and go to the recruit either the jko or the jka tag, you will be asked where you will be put... this is the clan website... You must have Xfire and Ventrillo...
  11. Do you got a copy of the game like burned copy or the full version bought somewhere, if the first thing is a possiblity, then you gotta crack it and find a new image from somewhere, if the second reason is possible, then try reinstalling windows, and try again, or try to find out where the error comes from, you might find it in some kind of txt file i believe... like jasp.txt or something... I'm not sure, but i believe that's something you gotta try at least...
  12. You'll get it here: http://www.ventrillo.com/, you can go online and speak with ppl in here if you're in a clan I.E., if you're not in a clan I don't know of any open vent servers...
  13. Well you can go here to get packscape: http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/Pakscape;31681, and what you are encountering is a pk3 file, not a gla file, i suppose... and you can get modview here: http://www.pcgamemods.com/mod/9948.html
  14. Well the Kill tracker this guys are talking about is Jams Kill tracker v3.0 you can find it here: http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/JAMs_JK2JK3_Kill_Tracker;62941, and the thing to type is !hide...
  15. But I do know that Lucasarts has only two Star wars games per Year, so they have to choose what they wanna kind of bet on, like for lucasarts this years, I believe they will go for like PS3 and maybe some other Consoles, I.E. Portable devices like PSP or DS, I guess for our sake that they will make some kind of Star wars games, but I've been reading in a Norwegian magazine, the first game that has been rumored is Star Wars: Battlefront III, Gamespot doesn't tell me nothing about any Star Wars games, except the one they call Star Wars 2007, and that's only for consoles... So I guess they won't be giving out a new JK game, in the near future... But sure hopes up guys, I hope that it'll be out before like maybe 2008/2009... but no one knows anything about it, like last april i was reading something on a website that turned out to be an april fool... So i wouldn't said it, unless it was some kind of rumor from myself... just guessing guys... and as the topic says, I didn't read all of the posts around here, so excuse me if this has already been posted somewhere else...
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