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    Hoth Video

    Yeah I'm guessing that is the shield too and seeing as it looks like a skirmish match, with team colors and all, maybe the shield color changes for the team.... bleh. What's with the weird Battlefront style control point holo looking....things. Looks like this footage is sped up in a few areas... and not in others....strange. Maybe there is one of those speed up the action buttons like in Rome.
  2. Maybe when you play as the Empire you can be the Gray Team. I guess... And yeah, homeworld and Rome were excellent about team defining.
  3. To me the troopers and the AT-AT's seem alright. Most of the walkers in general. The speeders and rebel missile... things, seem like it's far too emphasized myself. The shots in space ar too fuzzy or are just coming up with Document not found to tell. The ties aren't looking tops though. The best way to deal with Team colors in my opinion is either put them in place of already existing designs on the ship (For instance, for a venator destroyer, they could only change the color of the center stripe.) or else add LITTLE markings on the sides or somewhere where it would make sense. Or my personal favorite... custom Badges.
  4. Not really. Other games have come out with demos around 2 months or more prior to release. It's actually quite smart. It makes it so they can find out people's opinion, change some small things. Tweak it here and there. And of course, find out any graphic card issues they haven't found yet.
  5. I like the design, but I can't say I like the name. More resembling to that... Eisilon cruiser.. I think. Whatever the case, It seems to fit in quite well with the Imperials and will add more variety.
  6. ........... Ummm.... ....yeah. What are you talking about? When have Kyle and Mara ever been mentioned......
  7. I'm betting that if this question was selected, they will give a very generic answer or something that really doesn't explain why like; "We thought that the original trilogy hasn't had enough focus in games blah blah blah"
  8. Yeah a venerator seems probable. But I guess it could be anything really. I hope it's something more EU personally.
  9. Yeah, but if they had good team work mechanics it could be done. You know, each squad gets assigned a different target. But they probably won't do it.
  10. I'd kind of like to expand on Darth Andrew's question of Hyperspace lanes: Are fleets restricted to using hyperspace lanes, or can they position themselves off in "free space" with a cost of speed. So far the battle camera (the one that follows various units around the battlefield) seems random. Will there be anyway to have a little more control over it? We know that there is enviorment interaction in space combat. (i.e. asteroids and the like) What kind and how much, if any, interaction with the enviorment will there be on the surface of planets? Can you blockade a planet without attacking the surface? As far as the campaign map works, is there a capital for your faction? And the one question that will inevitiably be asked: Screenshots indicate the Death Star can be attacked, how will this work? Are you allowed to have direct control over the units? Or is it more of a cinematic and more or less based on chance?
  11. Yes there is activity out there. Though most modders I speak to see little to no point in posting anything over here on Lucasforums. Since they say quote "those forums no matter what game are always dead"
  12. Yeah I heard of SC. TA finally returns. Took long enough lol. You still fail to give any solid reason to beleive so. In my opinon, all they have been talking about is the Single Player experience. (Unlike EA who seems to only talk about MP's features.) Anyway, chances are I wont play MP at all. Unless I get insanely bored or something.
  13. Yes it adds an interesting aspect of strategy to the game. If they effect economy it would be interesting to blockade one and cut off the output of the resources for that world.
  14. Techincally it's really only loosely based on the books. Tolkien only passingly mentioned that there was a northern war in the appendix and the surrender of the Easterlings to the dwarves in the final chapters of ROTK. Little to no description was given in the books. Aside from: Elves had to defend Caras Galadhon multiple times Dragons from the Northern Wastes aided Mordor Dwarves were on the fringe of defeat when Ring was destroyed Dol Guldur was eventually "cleansed" This means of course that EA will have to improvise. Which IMO is a risky maneuver. I really don't see how they will get many customers since, Anyone who is an avid fan of the movies and never read the books will know little to nothing about the locations. Many fans of the books hate when any company alters the story. (I've seen plenty that despise the movies) And experienced gamers know that EA just can't do strategy games well. So.... what's left? And I'm with luke about the lifespan of EAW. I'm pretty sure it will last much longer then 2 weeks and even 2 months. And what's with all the pessimism about SP Froz? You all can't leave modification out of the picture as a n extension of a games lifespan. (Someone is already working on models for a Clone Wars modification)
  15. Yeah, I think he only cares about ARC-170. And by the way you do know Vulture droids and Tri Fighters are confirmed right? (You said perhaps) Anyway, the fact that it is called Dantooine is probably just a typo. Or someone was hoping against hope that it would not be the same old yavin. However, I get the feeling that they are going to be re using alot of the old maps un changed (except for maybe a few graphical upgrades) just so that they can say; "Hey we have twenty something maps in this game" When only twelve or so are actually new.
  16. BFME2 isn't even in my consideration list for RTS games this and next year. (And from the video interview Ive seen it doesn't look like there is going to be enough improvement to keep it from being a boring and limiting game). I don't really play Warhammer though. Chances are I'll stick with EAW for a while. When I eventually do get bored of it, and if there is no other new RTS games released around the time I get bored (whenever that may be) I'll probably go back to my older games. (HW series and Rome.)
  17. And It's really not a Lucasarts game. Due to Lego's acquired licenses, they are free to create almost whatever product they want based off Star Wars with their own company or a hired third party. All they need is Lucasarts go ahead. Which was given. I love the game personally (better than the Episode III game lol). Who cares about realism anyway. It's not like Lego's fighting is realistic either. It's so much more fun to be flying through a Coruscant battle watching bricks fly off of ships when they are destoryed.
  18. Yeah but the rumours never got beyond that. Some people tried to make a mod that would turn the game into Imperial Commando, but it died off a long time ago.
  19. And yet, according to some virtually confirmed (Meaning that an employee said so, but it still may not be completely definite.) rumours floating around the net, mod tools may not come out for SWBFII.
  20. I don't know what in the world your talking about Froz. SP can do fine on generic missions. Just look at the Total War series. All just generic missions at intervals. The key thing? Your allowed to do whatever you want in between those missions. Story based missions are all fine and good and all but are rarely any better than generic. Usually just generic missions with a bunch of dialog. Few games have ever been able to do it without making it feel less like a strategy game. And I can't say I ever thought of a strategy game with SW being story driven. I'm hoping against them using a story save for the very beginning in this game. Now of course, if they don't just give them to you in random intervals, then we have a problem. Then it will end up like BFME. My Ideal mission system: Free control over all your forces Allowed to do whatever you want, conquer, defend, advance, hold back, whatever. Receive missions at various points in the game and choose which ones to take. Rinse and repeat.
  21. And it probably still won't be what I would call a good game though. Then again, I'm being very pesimistic about SWBFII in general.
  22. I doubt it's a rumour. Multiple new sites have reported it as if Pandemic said it themselves. A curse on pandemic I say.
  23. Didn't stop the Rebels from being there in SWG LOL. Nevertheless, they probably won't be there at the start, but you could maybe get a hidden base in there. Anyway, It will probably be generic missions as said. Attack/defend this. Unless you can blockade a planet, then that would be a mission probably as well.
  24. Yes I'm pretty sure it does. And it's quicker to type.
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