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  1. I was wondering, is there going to a new patch soon? if so, then when? I'm getting tired of the game crashing every time i get on to a good server or getting on to a server and only being able to play one match and then needing to find another because the first one wont let me back in. Great game though, it just needs the bugs fixed -Lark88
  2. Hi, i am Lark88(the name came off of my licence plate) I am 18 (19 in a month) I live in Michigan I am a full-time collage freshman My hobbies are, reading, gaming, and writing My favorite Star Wars Character is Jar Jar Binks ..... .... ...Gotcha! it is really Corran Horn My favorite music is New Age/Celtic or Movie Soundtrack i am also a Christian looking for a good Christian clan (like The Consecrated in SW: Galaxies) if you've got any info on one, please PM me
  3. Hi, this is Lark88. I am looking for Clan to join. I am good at being a trooper, Scout, Pilot, and jet trooper. I can also be others depending on the situation. The kind of clan i am looking for is Christian oriented (like The Consecrated in SWG) and focuses on strategy. I've been looking and haven't found one yet... If you are interested in my skills please leave a post. btw, I use only PC
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