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  1. Yes!!! Another fan-based strategy game?
  2. If I had the money, I would personally purchase the rights to the Monkey Island franchise, but I would just give them as a gift over to Ron Gilbert.
  3. WoW! I didn't know one person could butcher the English language THAT much. Well, best of luck, BestBuy is where I got COMI, it was '99, and it had just been released in the archives. I bought in in the Package that comes with MI 1+2. Those were the days.
  4. Why not just LucasFarts LSD. They did some stupid stuff and now they will pay for it... By giving up certain liscenses, they gave up their chance of restoring the good old name of entertainment. BRING BACK SCUMM. I have been playing these games and they were so much better in 2d.
  5. I love Comcast, they have good service, but WHY IN THE HECK DID THEY SUCK SO MUCH BUTT ON THIS ONE? I loved TechTV, it was the best. Screensavers was sweet, and best of all, Leo and Patrick were the hosts. They knew it all, every answer of old and new. Then one day they decided to take away Pat and Leo, stick a G4 logo and call it a combo. G4 always sucked, why couldn't they just dump G4 and leave techTV the way it was? GOD man. WHY???
  6. You should see it on 2gb... Nice I might say is the word for it. I run the game over network all the time, but that in itself is 100mbps compared to 32...
  7. I wonder what legalities we would run into if we made a patch for the MI2 demo that let you play the whole game with some of the demo variations, then we would be able to see what OTHER stuff there was, kinda like a "fill in blank spot here" patch. Just so it could be played through.... Just a thought...
  8. you try not to smash into the signs, you can jump for 5 points a sign, or you can just survive. Now a sweet game is the car bombing game, get lost for hours. Ooh, the gator golf is fun, and the color me pictures... Oh yeah... Sweeeeeeeet.
  9. Actually, there is mentioned a plant called Chuck, Charlie, LeChuck, or LeCharles in every lucasarts game except Loom and Monkey Island games. If you look around, you'll find 'em.
  10. Hmmm.... Well, I just bought this cd, I'll have it next week.
  11. I just bought a midi interperiter for my keyboard. I wonder, where should I load my LucasTone creations? All made in true LucasArts style of course. I love this cable, it sounds so much better on the synthesizer than the computer...
  12. Well, although I am a quite devoted LucasFan, I doubt I am cool enough to join this group. I am more of the village idiot here. Funny, in real life I always have great, well-developed ideas. I have made many good inventions, many philisophical discussions, but here, all of that doesn't matter. All my ideas are unrealistic and mal-developed. Oh well. It seems as though the status of being a low-life dreamer just decided to become me here.
  13. Unfortunately, I am thinking about it...
  14. I think what Joshi means is that in Q + E, you pick the games from a drop-down list, and everything changes, but GUI uses what I call the "JAVA" method, and that is where you have to go option to option, till you find what you want, closer to the actual ScummVM... I would really like it if you chose the game FROM a drop-down list, while keeping the snapshots. I think the snapshot is the best "extra" feature any frontend could have.
  15. I use ScummVM! I haven't had problems yet, it configures the graphics and sound in a less complicated manner. In fact, not too long ago, I bought almost all of the Lucasarts adventure games on ebay, I only opened the boxes once to copy them to my hard drive, and then put them all back... So, I have played through COMI, SMI, MI2, loom (just finished yesterday), DOTT, and ZAK. I haven't finished Sam & Max yet, but it is playing... Very interesting, as I am using scummVM 0.7 the latest stable build...
  16. Although I much more prefer ScummVM Q + E (no offense), I do like the graphics MUCH better. I love the way that you can preview the game and it's cover in the window. Next challenge is to get all the advanced features of Q+E and maybe a live snapshot sorta thing, where the preview picture is the last frame you saw of the game before you quit.
  17. Nice, a few good changes from the beta release.
  18. yes, and you should probably keep the size down below 2.5 mb for dialers.
  19. I think that in order for a LucasArts game to be on television, it would... A) be a Saturday morning cartoon B) be soley based on the characters in the game, in their pre-meditated habitats and lifestyles given to them IN the game. C) Stay true to the original. Like I think if Maniac Mansion were a TV show today, it would be about many different characters, but they would be animated in a similar way to DOTT. Also, they would have similar adventures to DOTT. I think that having a show, that gives us an afterword would be nice, like the kids in colledge. Green Tentacle and his band, Purple Tentacle in his plot for Fred Edison domination, Hoagie and his roadieness, or trying to pass an exam. You know, like a normal cartoon, only about the game. That would be sweet. I would like to see Sandy and Dave getting wed and shacking up, or Laverne and Bernard fall in love, or just down into a larg pit where they have to figure out a way to get out.
  20. The best versions I have found are the FM-Towns versions. In almost every game that was an FM-Towns game, the graphics are in 256 color, and well worth the years spent tracking them down.
  21. Maybe more implimentation for files on another computer? There is currently only support for the files if you "map network drive..." or is this something that must be done in ScummVM first? It works great though.
  22. Weren't there two versions of Sam & max and Day of the Tentacle? The one with the eight floppies, and the one on CD. If I have my information correct, the floppies only had talking during the cutscenes, but the CD's had talking the entire game. So if this assumtion is true, which version would be available in the adventure pack?
  23. Well, I think that fans should do it. I mean, look at the Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken games that were ported to the windows platform, actually free to download. They use the FMtowns graphics, and are win32 applications. The same grouplater made a new Zak McKracken game that followed where the other left off. I am still suprised that LEC hasn't chopped their heads off.
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