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  1. you see? the true star wars nerds like me, know that IG-88 is better, i mean, what is better being more flexible?or control the death star II?
  2. i noticed one more thing, when you complete GCs, the victory video doesnt plays, only the FOC credits, and i liked the videos(has the Zann Consortium one?)
  3. can you make also DarkTroopers Phases II-III buildable, please?
  4. well, all the things have an end, goodbye and may the dark side guide your path
  5. thanks! the mod works very well and its very good
  6. oh yes, the robes also mmmm, maybe some constitution and strength enchancements(+2 is enough) , Immune to poison, 6 of defense, i think these stats are balanced, if not please correct them, and yes, the gaffi stick are the two versions of K1(Standard and Chieft one) and the powered one, those stats are good, name it mmmm ''Legendary Gaffi of (put here a famous tusken name, sharad hett no, he's a jedi and is from another epoch)'' and thats all thanks!
  7. thanks, and sorry, my english is not very fluent, im spanish i mean, with higher stats that the standard one, for make it usuable in late game
  8. Can someone make a Gaffi Stick(the version of the Tusken Chief also, and if it can be done, a Gaffi stick that is better than the standard one) and if its possible, also the Tusken Robe that was in K1 on Tatooine Thanks!
  9. well, with the droids thing i though that i had to do force push with Ben at 3PO and Artooo
  10. very cool, i like frying people with the emperor, i cant wait to use IG-88 (it's in the game ? i supose yes) my favourite TESB bountyhunter and mix it with other characters, indeed a cool and humorous game
  11. good screenies, the better ones are the ones of Dark Troopers Phase II, very Star Wars-realistic, except they dont have tohse uber-assault cannons that they wore in DF , i hope that the Phase III ones are also included
  12. Star Forge is boring and old, at all for what do your want millons of ships when you have SDDs Executor and Eclipse? i also think that the emperor will be searching for it at all, its a dark side artifact most surely a holocron, or a force powering crystal
  13. hey! that was my third idea! LOL maybe is something like lukeiamyourdad said a thing to corrupt people, or maybe to control their minds but it sure may be a crystal or a sith holocron(who knows maybe its a severed sith lord skull LOL)XD
  14. i already got it working !, it seems that the drivers weren't the lastest anyway thanks for the effort!!
  15. my graphic card is Nvidia Geforce 5200 it happens in all planets, and on both game types (including the campaing) and also online it happens always i hope this info is enough! thanks!
  16. the most probable option is a sith holocron, but it may be a crystal with force power (kinda a kybber crystal) to make the Eclipse superlaser(or whathever is that) functonable
  17. Dark Troopers phase II-III, my favourite enemies on dark forces, and they're robots and of course our favourite drink dispenser head psychopathic droid IG-88, ah and SSDs Eclipse and Executor
  18. i dont wanna be rude,but can someone response please?
  19. that's the problem cant se emperor, but i can select him and do his abilities here's a screenie: i have EAW 1.04 vanilla no mods, i've reinstalled it 2 times Nvidia GeForce FX 5002 with lastest drivers and i've tried the fix that is in a sticky in this forum, nothing cant still se him what's my problem? thanks for the solution!
  20. troopers i like them all,exepcting SBD so they dont have nades
  21. for me (as in swbf1) Yavin 4 i dont know why but i never liked the vegetal entornes i also hate felucia too many herb
  22. yeah im sure that even 1 seconde they are hearing ''CLIIINGGG'' that means that they are winning money and oover ''CLIIINGGG'' more money, i think that the only ting that they want is winning and winning money (and dont says that these commentaries are from a 13 boy so i am a 13)
  23. yeah poor guys of panademic they spent a year and a half to make a game to enyoy us (apart of the money that they are gonna to have) and we are bla bla bla,not realistic,bla bla bla,this game sucks bla bla bla cmon be good persons guys salutes from your spanish friend!! Panademic are da best!
  24. for all the spanish speakers here you can play to in general all games of star wars (JA,JO,Battlefront) join us and select a team (jedi,sith,imperialetc..) the direction is http://www.kotfspa.tk go to the forums and registrer a the ''UNION A KOTFSPA'' topic join us!
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