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  1. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  2. Cool beans man! How does vb5 differ from the vb3 we are using at the moment? any snazzy new features we can look forward to?
  3. Holy ****. Just re-subscribed to tryout the new expansion, and let me tell ya my expectations were exceeded. Even if I spent so much time buying items for my companions via the AH, It's such a relief not having to worry about all that jazz anymore - plus I finally have some use for all the orange items I have with no stats on them. I also found my main tank on my Agent to be more efficient, she (Kaliyo) used to really suck. Maybe It's just laziness, but I'm liking the streamlined design of everything right now. It feels like they really wanted to improve the game. I've pretty much moved to the EU servers though which is a bit of a shame... leaving my main Commando behind on the US side, but I just started a level 60 Vanguard on DPS spec which I'm loving at the moment. Not sure which class I'm gonna tryout next, always wanted a high level Jedi Guardian too. Anyone else tried it out?
  4. It has to do with loyalty as well, too bad too few people are familiar with that concept.
  5. The Luger is a classic for sure. It is the M1 Garand! I like It's predecessor as well, the M14.
  6. Back in the day I was the biggest Linkin Park fan, so obviously I thought the bass players' nickname 'Phoenix' was the coolest **** ever. Then I stole the idea of replacing the e with a 3 from my best friend, who had a similar Warcraft 3 account at the time.
  7. I'm with OP, love me some katanas and a lightsaber. I'm partial to sexy handguns and rifles too though!
  8. I'm still around, probably will be until the "end" - if something like that exists on the inter-webs. Reading through the posts I have to agree with Lynk, nostalgia goggles off, archive the old **** and start fresh. And since smartphones have pretty much taken over the biggest change the forum needs is a mobile friendly design. The Web 3.0 thingies. Sadly I'm not a programmer nor a designer, otherwise I'd gladly help out. I'm always available though for beta testing and whatnot. Our biggest resource are the new Star Wars fans coming in from Episode 7, which does make me feel like an old bat.
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