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  1. Actually, that is not correct. Ammo is shown either by a recharging bar or number shown in the upper left corner. The one, two, or more rectangles under the health bar on the right shows how many people the vehicle can hold, and how many people are currently in the vehicle. If the box is colored in, it means someone is in that seat. Most tanks have two seats, a pilot and turret gunner. Some vehicles, like the LAAT gunship or Desert Skiff hold even more.
  2. FROM CSPORTS: CSports.net is primarily a worldwide ranking system. Our concept is simple, when a number of players play together on a server we automatically track them and then we use the results from that server to change each player’s position in the rankings. When a player scores higher than someone ranked higher than them, they move up towards that higher ranked player, just as in most sporting ladders systems. In addition, in order to stop players from "blocking" up the top of the ladder we apply a downward "rank gravity" to inactive players. Every 3 minutes we look at each server and calculate the number of points each player scored during that 3 minute period. For each player we work out how many players who rank above them on the ladder they have beaten and we raise their rank by that number. What results is a system where new players move initially very quickly and then ever more slowly to the rank that is commensurate with their ability. It is a very natural uncomplicated system that works in the way that you would expect it to. The more data points you give the system, i.e. the more highly ranked players you beat over time, the faster you will reach your equilibrium position. ******** Sounds pretty good to me...Though I do think CP and vehicle kills/damage should matter. Oh well, its just a game, right?
  3. Hey OLSpidey, I was playing with you tonight. On Kashyyk docks, we were in the right side tower, both snipers, you shooting, and me launch probe bots from behind you in the hut and calling down orbital strikes... My favorite leaderboard is CSPORTS, which tracks tons of online games. Gamespy doesn't seem to register my games. http://www.csports.net/PlayerStats.aspx?Matrix=70&NameID=1455617 But I tried a search of your id here and nothing came up...Do you login when you play? I've been told you don't have to login to gamespy for this board to work, but who knows?
  4. The site is very interesting. The graphs are impressive. But where can I find info like total nmber of kills, deaths, and captures? The bar graphs require some guesswork, and only track 30 days...
  5. The newest developer note I see is this one: http://forums.lucasarts.com/thread.jspa?threadID=14754&tstart=0 Dated November 3rd. So a month ago, they promised a patch by the end of the week. Anyway, sorry for the noise guys, but I guess PS2 users just feel a bit alienated online. -A GIRL
  6. Why are the mods here having such a hard time understanding that the promised new patch for PS2 has NOT yet been released? I refer you to this page: http://forums.lucasarts.com/thread.jspa?threadID=14754&tstart=0 That was posted November 3rd on the LA discussion site. PS2 users got a patch very early (begining of October), but nothing since then. Certainly not the kind of patch refered to in this message from the developers, dated October 15: http://forums.lucasarts.com/thread.jspa?threadID=12183&tstart=0 My threads in no way related to the PC 1.11 patch refered to here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=140467 The threads related to an ongoing problem of lack of support to the PS2 community, as well as people's feelings about what will be / should be in the new patch, which I will say again for clarity's sake, HAS NOT YET BEEN RELEASED. But go ahead and lock this one too...
  7. Kurgan closed my thread on the newest changes possible in the not-yet-released PS2 patch....Apparently since the PC patch is already out, PS2 users shouldn't clutter up the board with their console non-sense....Tyranny, I say! Just kidding Kurgan... But in all seriousness, does anyone have any clue what the hold up is? We were promised back in early November that we would have a new patch "by the end of the week" that would address spawn invincibility and the ticket counter. I've heard the PC patch is rather large, and I suppose that might be the problem. PS2'ers have that 8mb limitation. I realize that we won't be getting the Jabba's Palace level, but has Lucas Arts totally abandoned us? Even I am getting sick of TK's and the vehicle exploits and abuse, and I used to condemn the whiners on this board. Should we start emailing Lucas Arts to let them know we're out here, or should we just leave the poor guys alone? -A GIRL
  8. Over at the Lucas Arts message boards, there is a note from a PS2 developer mentioning the possibility of changes in the next patch. What caught my eye was a mention of possible "spawn invincibility" option for server admins. I don't see how this would work. It came up as an idea after countless people were complaining about vehicle spawn camping. But with spawn invincibility, how would command posts be captured? Killing the new re-spawns are crucial to capturing them. We've had the spawn camping discussion, and I think we all agreed that it's only lame when it's in a vehicle, or if there is no effort to take the command post. Maybe it would work if the invincibility only worked when the command post was not in the process of being changed over to the other team. In other words, the presence of an enemy infantryman near your CP would turn off invincibility. The other big update, which I am excited about, is the ability for PS2 server admins to change the number of entry tickets.
  9. Here are a couple: http://www.gametalk.com/talk/xbox/star_wars_battlefront/ http://forums.gamebattles.com/f205/s I'm only posting these to show you how much better this site is. This seems to be the most heavily travelled forum outside of the official one at Lucas Arts, which is at: http://forums.lucasarts.com/category.jspa?categoryID=12 In my opinion, this forum is a bit more positive on the game. People seem use that forum to whine to Lucas Arts.
  10. I haven't done the best checking, but I've only found two forums for SWBF that are fairly busy, and this one is the better of the two. If anyone knows of sites/resources for the PS2 SWBF community, let us know. Anyway, I'll keep an eye out for you guys. I usually play b/t 7-11pm, and usually in Prequel servers.
  11. This forum seems heavily populated by PC users (big shock, right?) How many of us play on-line with the PS2? And what are your screen names? I have seen some interesting players, and wondered if any of them hang out here. Mine is "A GIRL". And yes, I am. But I also love it whenever a kill is made, and it says "A GIRL KILLED JANGO" or "JANGO KILLED A GIRL".
  12. I've found that beating Kamino on hard with the Republic requires being on droideka patrol nearly all the time. You're right about clone stupidity on this level - They do seem to walk right into them. Like you, I take four command posts as quickly as humanly possible. But generally, I try to avoid the cloning facility. First, since it is home base, it takes a while to convert and capture it. Secondly, it requires a lot of soldiers spread out over a big distance in order to hold it. I choose to give these two disadvantages to the Droid army. And they will pour a lot of troops towards taking it. Let their effort be in waste, and reposition your army to flank them on the platforms. Holding four landing platforms is much easier. You can reduce enemy attacks to three essential chokepoints if you do this right. As long as you keep an eye open for droidekas, you will be in a dominant position.
  13. I'm also a PS2 user, and I also noticed a huge drop-off in Classic servers. For the first week or so after the game, there were only Classic, Movie, or Prequel servers. Now, we are starting to see lots of different servers. My guess is that these are private individuals running servers, and that the first three types were run by Gamespy. So I guess your question could be answered by them. But don't hold your breath waiting for customer service from them...It's too bad, b/c I liked Classic servers. And for the record X'er, I did not find your question confusing, and I play online on PC and PS2. I believe the in-game interface refers to servers as rooms. It defintely does call them sessions, as in "The session is full". Some servers describe themselves as "a newbie only room". And I've seen servers refered to as rooms on this board. People sometimes confuse "room" with "lobby"...But in this case, I think you were pretty clear.
  14. /\ yeah, you're right, I forgot about that...This is why I don't understand people who say the CIS is the weakest faction. I think the Imperials are the weakest. Each faction is identical except: 1. Each faction's unique unit 2. CIS has enhanced infantry in S.B.Droid 3. Map advantages, like the presence of an AT-AT. As far as the special units, I personally rank them: 1. Jet Trooper 2. Droideka 3. Wookiee 4. Dark Trooper As far as AT-AT's, most people now can bring them down in a hurry with tow cables. Republic walkers are much stronger in this respect.
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