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  1. Personally, I agree that spawn invulnerability isn't the solution. There's nothing wrong with people trying to cap a spawn point and killing anyone who spawns in the process. You just need to make vehicles able to capture spawns to stop the vehicle camping.
  2. If I was a moderator, I would just have deleted the post without saying anything to you.
  3. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way in the game, AT-ATs get destroyed after being circled with rope a set number of times, whether they're moving or not.
  4. A good AT-AT pilot can shoot down the speeders pretty easily. There is is also only 1 map with speeders on it.
  5. I just bust out my kung fu on their a$$. Seriously tho, with the lack of a ban option, it's your only choice. They shoot you, you headshot them. They headshot you, you jump in a tank and mow them into the dirt. Or instead of puting up with it for 2 hours, you could just move to a different server.. possibly one that disallows teamkilling?
  6. Tell me more of this FFT! I'm a huge fan of the FF games, played and completed all of them from 1-10, but I never checked out FFT for one reason or another.
  7. I think you're missing the point... the problem is people camping a spawn in vehicles. People in vehicles cannot capture, therefore they can camp all day if they like.
  8. How are you comparing this? Have you fired the AT-AT cannon at a CIS Spider walker? If not, how do you know the AT-TE top turret does more damage? For that matter, how do you know it does more damage against anything?
  9. I don't need to tell by roughly comparing in the game. I can just load up the code in a hex editor and see it for sure. If you like I could post screenshots or videos of the AT-AT on Geonosis so you can see how easily it destroys the CIS walkers. Playing the AT-AT on Geonosis really shows how much more powerful it is than the AT-TE. Or I could just make an AT-AT vs AT-TE mod to prove the point, if you insist.
  10. Have you put an AT-TE up against an AT-AT? Until you have, it's you who has no idea what you're talking about. Yes, the AT-TE has more guns, but they do NOT fire the same ordinance. More guns != more firepower - the AT-AT main cannons are far more powerful. The AT-TE lasers are more like the side lasers on an AT-AT - In fact I don't think even the top turret on the AT-TE is as powerful as one of the AT-AT main lasers (I will check this later). The AT-TE is only slightly more maneuverable if at all, but given that opposing vehicles generally start facing each other, this gives no advantage. To top it off, my observations indicate that the AT-AT has somewhere around twice the armor of an AT-TE.
  11. My PC is way sexier than any Mac. Plus I don't see how Macs are better for graphic work than PCs - programs commonly used in industry are available for both, and with my A3 tablet I have just about the best setup I could want. Guess that means the Mac has nothing then.
  12. Does nothing to fix spawncamping. Wait for the next patch, which apparently will include spawn invulnerability.
  13. AT-AT would destroy an AT-TE in seconds, AT-AT's cannon is far more powerful.
  14. Notify the devs of bugs like this via the correct channels, don't post them on public forums - especially when they can be exploited online. I expect this has already been reported anyway.
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