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  1. It´s in german because i run the german version of SWBF2. It will be in english if you use the english or any other version. Rends
  2. It´s done finaly! The map can be played in CW and GCW conquest mode and GCW and KOTOR hero assault! Get Coruscant Streets Enjoy, Rends
  3. Hope to release the map (not the cockpit mod) in about 2 weeks
  4. Yes it has weapons. And well i posted it here because it wasn´t a modding question but to show you that the cockpits will be come back for SWBF2
  5. Anis speeder is flyable in this map.
  6. Will battleforthegalaxy.com actualy mod SWBF2? I´ve never heard of them before and i can´t remember any map from them for SWBF1. But i appreciate more modders for Battlefront :-) Oh and i want to mention that i had lot of support from my Gametoast mates while creating Coruscant! So it wasn´t a one man show ;-)
  7. We are working to get the cockpit views back for ALL vehicles in ALL maps. So what does this mean? Lot of cockpit from SWBf1 can be converted and some needs to model from scratch (for the new vehicles from SWBF2) Next we need either a Patch software to incorporate the cockpits and mods into the game side folder or we need to replace the current side folder with a new one. While a patch would be small in size a replacement will take about 300MB. I´m not sure if we can get a Patch working (what i would prefer) so it might be the case that we need to do the big thingy ( the 300MB Side replacements)
  8. yes that´s Coruscant city from SWBF1: Click for Big Pic I´m currently converting to SWBf2. So stay tuned!
  9. Hi PW, we are talking about SWBF1 here not 2. Sorry my fault . I posted it into the wrong board!
  10. mini, the 1.3 dedi server require the 1.3 beta client game software. You can´t play with official game Version 1.2 on the 1.3 server you need to have gamepatch 1.3beta installed.
  11. From your posting about the 1.3 server: "There, now there's no excuse for people not using the latest version... ;)" I will tell you what. I´m running the german version here and it´s not possible to update the game because LA never finished the 1.3beta us language only version. That´s also the reason why lot of guys went back from 1.3beta because they wasn´t compatible with the 1.2 crowds anymore. EDIT: Crap, wrong board,sorry
  12. Press the Print key and it will add the screenshot to the newly created screenshot folder you find in your GameData directory.
  13. Best selling means all platforms within 8 months. So how many SW all platform games has LA already released? This also means that a PC or console only games (think about Kotor2 for PC or EPIII for consoles) only might got more sells in numbers of their specific platform. At the end it´s all about marketing.
  14. Deathstar, this seems to be the best official SWBF map of all times! It has everything you know from the movie and it´looks so cool. So after playing this map noone will whine about Bespin any longer! Main Hangar left side with the door where Obi wan and Darth fought http://people.freenet.de/Santarossa/swbf2_46.jpg Right side with the Control room windows in second floor http://people.freenet.de/Santarossa/swbf2_47.jpg Control room with view out of the window down to the Hangar http://people.freenet.de/Santarossa/swbf2_48.jpg Lift shaft (no lifts but looks cool) http://people.freenet.de/Santarossa/swbf2_49.jpg Prison Area entry with controldesks http://people.freenet.de/Santarossa/swbf2_50.jpg Tractor beams http://people.freenet.de/Santarossa/swbf2_51.jpg biggest cannon of all times firing (cool animation) http://people.freenet.de/Santarossa/swbf2_52.jpg Tarkins conference Room http://people.freenet.de/Santarossa/swbf2_53.jpg Tie Hangar http://people.freenet.de/Santarossa/swbf2_54.jpg Where Vader meets Obi Wan... http://people.freenet.de/Santarossa/swbf2_55.jpg Leias Prison room http://people.freenet.de/Santarossa/swbf2_56.jpg in the Trash compactor with weight watchers animation Wink http://people.freenet.de/Santarossa/swbf2_57.jpg
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