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  1. There are no cockpit views in the game! Only 3rd person and HUD only.
  2. Well i wont post the same stuff here again so please hop over to gametoast: http://gametoast.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=2425 But feel free to ask questions here if you are not registert there!
  3. Today i got the confirmation from my online dealer that they already shipped the game and it will be here at friday. But i can only speak for germany. The official release date here is Oct.31 but now you know why i choosed this online dealer :-)
  4. my dealer confirmed it for oct 27 here in germany. Well i will tell you if it´s the case
  5. preordered it a long time ago far far away...
  6. I had the same question an a other board and someone pointed me to this : http://www.forumplanet.com/3dactionplanet/swbf2beta
  7. Kurgan, Space fighter controls are nice if you use a joystick! About turrets if you zoom in you have a firstperson view if i remember right. TK-8252, if you don´t come up with a buglist your post arn´t more than flaming or whining (take what you want). I would like to have rolling L/R on double press A nd D key like it works with fighters.
  8. Version 1.0 is out. Get it here: http://www.gametoast.com/modules.php?name=CmodsDownload&req=NewDownloadsDate&selectdate=1128119445 Enjoy, Rends
  9. images: http://people.freenet.de/Santarossa/SWBF_Coruscant_streets10.jpg http://people.freenet.de/Santarossa/SWBF_coruscant_streets11.JPG and a work in progress video: http://www.gametoast.com/~gt1/coruscantstreetspreview1.mpg I hope to finish the map end of the month but there are still tons of stuff to do.
  10. Muhaha, ever tried to click on exit to windows? Maybe it will a complete new expierience haha. but i´m glad that the map runs fine on Macs too !
  11. don´t copy it into gamedata but gamedata/addon. Here is a tutorial how to install maps: If you don´t have the addon folder you need to installe Gamepatch 1.2 !
  12. what about player selecting ticket counters? Lot of peops asked about it forBF1.
  13. I think that the PC Boards should also get icons. I you watch it from here it seems that the PC boards and the general board doesn´t exist: http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=557 General Discussion ,PC Battlefront, Star Wars Battlefront II and PC Battlefront II should also get an icon so everyone knew that there are Forums behind if you click on em. just my 2cents
  14. Well since a few days (weeks?) i find it hard to reach the board.I got a unreachable error message quit often. Does it only happen to me or anyone else?
  15. i heard that you can go back by simple reinstall Patch1.2
  16. most people play still patch1.2 because patch1.3 is beta and english only.
  17. get it at: http://gametoast.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=Downloads&file=index&req=getit&lid=129 Notice: if you have downloaded this map in the first 2 hours after release please download it again. I simple forget to include the ingame minimap so i had to upload the map again. Sorry for the mess! From the Readme: CORUSCANT: CITY Version: 1.1 Made by "Rends" The Coruscant: City map can be played at both eras. Historical Background: Clone Wars era: A battle blazes above Coruscant, General Grievous has just made a daring abduction of the Chancellor. The expendable CIS droids used as a distraction have remained on the surface to take whatever they can and cuase whatever damage to Republic Forces Possible. The Clones Must eliminate the droid threat. Galactic Civil War era: Rebel Alliance's Recent Victory at Endor Has left the Empire in Disary. The populous in Coruscant is in an Uprising*. However the Imperials have manage to secure the area near the former senate building, where the Imperial Leaders of Coruscant are plotting to subdue the The Rebel Alliance must take this area from imperial Control, and finally completely overthow Imperial Control of Coruscant. *As seen at the end of the 1997 and later edition of Return of the Jedi. Installation: Copy the folder "corus1" to your "Star Wars Battlefront/GameData/AddOn" directory. Note for Server host: If the map crash while running the Battlefront Server 1.2 software you can solve this by removing the sound folder you find in the corus1/data/_lvl_pc/ directory. Now let me thanks those people who helped me to create this map (alphabetical order): Ace_Azzameen for alphatesting and the background story CGArtist for his great looking skydometexture Dragonum for research GT1 Clan for betatest Lord Bandu and for research and betatesting Mark Rancire for some great looking skyscraper hulls textures NiubNiub for the great skyscraperdome and other textures Psych0fred who else Saturn5 for his incredible Speeder Engineeering and bugfixes and others Enjoy, Rends
  18. Short update: Bugfixing is coming to an end. sat and me are currently working at the Speeders while CGartist is doing a new skytexture. Once i finished the last textures and some other small stuff the map goes final wich i expect will happen in the next days.
  19. Here comes the first Coruscant trailer: http://www.gametoast.com/~gt1/Coruscanttrailer1.mpg
  20. 2 more screenies: http://people.freenet.de/Santarossa/SWBF_Coruscant_rearentry.jpg http://people.freenet.de/Santarossa/SWBF_Coruscant_Officeentry.JPG About the JK2 map. I don´t know this map cause i don´t have this game. Maybe someone have a link for screenshots. would be intersting to look at...
  21. Well i don´t think so because SWBF is modeled using Softimage software and there is no connection between LA/Pandemic and Discreet.
  22. But then this would mean that all non US game version players (includung me) CAN`T play because the client beta patch will be US Version only. Read it here: http://forums.lucasarts.com/thread.jspa?threadID=39447&tstart=0
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