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  1. Ok, since LA announced some tools for us modding crowd let´s change the target. Now we should contact Softimage so they release a free version of XSI that works with the Pandemic plugin! Softimage did already release a free version for the HL² modding crowd so they could do the same for us! Softimage Rends
  2. That´s why you should read the thread at gametoast.com! I
  3. Bulls**t Cograts Jaden. I guess you will have a lot of fun with Battlefront like many others too. CYA online (after christmas!)
  4. If you are interesting in modding you should read this thread carefully: http://gametoast.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=128 Rends
  5. Guys, Pandemic is the completely wrong adress. Only LA can announce and release an SDK. Pandemic could have 20 tools if LA won´t release it for some reasons Pandemic could do nothing. If LA want to release a SDK they simple need to contact Pandemic to put one together. So it´s all up to LA if we get a SDK or not! Rends
  6. Could it be that you are using a spanish version of the game? If so then check LA technical support website. there are postings about problems it. I guess it´s fixed with Patch 1.11 but i´m not sure about it.
  7. Just checked the ingame browser and there are again 175 servers and most are dedicated ones. there are only 10 or so non dedicated servers. Edit: Actualy: Ingame browser (V1.11):272 online players Gamespy stats (All Versions) : 374 online players CSports: 156 Online players Whatever Csports count it doesn´t count all .
  8. Hm then i wonder why they count only 30 percent of all Servers. This is a screenshot from Yesterday sunday evening 18.00 CET and it shows 400 People playing on 175 Servers Rends
  9. The first weeks after the SWBF release the Republic Troopers domianted the onlineplayer maps and lot of guys including me found that the Clones were uber. But it seams that people learned how to use each faction. In the last couple of weeks i noticed that CIS troops won more and more matches. Also on Jetpack friendly maps like Kamino wich was won by the Jettroopers in less than 2minutes the Droids can win now.
  10. Looks like that it doesn´t count everything. Check the Server stats and it says about 60 Servers/day during the last week. Well gamespy count 190 Servers at the moment and my ingame browser shows also 150-200+ Servers everytime i log in. Hm, i wonder if it records unpatched version (Player and Servers) only?
  11. I just played Galactic Conquest Rhen Var mission and counted overall 50 bots + me in the mission (PC Version). Should i mention that we Rebels lost this mission (AI on Hard setting) Well i still think that bot numbers are the same on each plattform (PC/XBOX /PS2).
  12. PS2 users should check out the Battlefront PS2 board at Lucasarts. Their is a Dev brief note only few days old mentioned a new patch release in the next days.
  13. Check out the official website. Over months there was a Demo announced "coming soon" but now it´s not longer there. http://www.lucasarts.com/games/swbattlefront/index.html Guess this simple means No Demo.
  14. Sorry my fault. Havn´t read carefully enough. I was talking about the PC Version not xbox
  15. Well there is no LAG on the PC version by default. I played alot and on lot of servers i don´t have LAG or only minimal sometimes. Better look for severs with low Ping before posting bull****. Man i can´t hear that anymore.
  16. Aeh...and you problem is? If you have all settings turned on and all sliders set to high that´s the best you can get. It looks pretty good. what do you want more?
  17. 1. remove the online FPS caps 2. special units number limits so only few people can choose the Jettrooper on some maps (Kamino for example) at the same time. 3. bigger flyareas like psychodelics bespin unbound 4. Admin remote control (not that i need it but lot of people want it And 2 things not for the next patch but should be released immediatly: Linux server software and the damn SDK!
  18. My nvidiaFX5900XT works very well with SWBF. Rends
  19. An LA mod confirmed the Bug. Check LA tech support forum. there you find a thread about it. Rends
  20. Just noticed that Bot numbers differs from map to map. But there isn´t a single one with 8 only. I guess 16 bots per team is minimum. Rends
  21. I´m not sure but i guess it´s 16 bots per team for xbox , Ps2 and PC. Well i have the PC version so i only can speak for that. Rends
  22. There is no patch crap. Just install Patch1.11 and you get some problems fixed a much better ingamebrowser and the new Map called Jabbas Palace. Rends
  23. So far i remember Jabbas Palace is announced for xbox too. Rends
  24. While the Gamorreans are slow and only comes with axes they are very deadly in a close infight. I think they are well made !
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