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  1. hehehe.. yeah, I've been busy getting old and boring lately :p

  2. hehe.. no worries. Trust me, if I could I would.. I send and receive so many PMs its mind blowing ;)


    but we've had the rule in effect for years now, and if anything.. at least modders can feel secure in knowing we'll (LFN community) never re-post without permission :)


    One of the main reasons I changed my mod permissions to be very broad since a few years back I was incognito several months and no one could get a hold of me :lol: Now just about everyone has "some" sort of control over my mods ;)

  3. It's not my mod, so no.. I (nor anyone else) can post the mod to Filefront. That's the whole reason behind my PM only archive ;)

  4. Nice! Bring me back anything good? I like cigars, or booze or just about anything honestly.. hehehe. Surprised you weren't holed up in some frigid ice cave in the middle of nowhere.. was beginning to wonder if the Yeti got ya :D


    Sounds great though, hope you had a great time!

  5. yeah, LFN is now eHarmony :xp:

  6. about to hose down AHTO.. testosterone layers are getting thick.. hehe

  7. Heya stoffe! Guess what? Don't need anything, just dropping by to say "hey" hehehe :D


    Hope all is well!

  8. While Darth333 is away, Cz will play. :devsmoke:

    I need my D3 fix stranger! :xp:



  9. Definitely will! Using one of those lame low-to-no countdown mods atm but it's got that "cheaty" feeling so I've almost been ignoring my shouts because I know I'll spam them :lol:


    I'm liking your formula :D

  10. Ponies and Bronies everywhere...

    It's Official :devsmoke:



  11. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

  12. aww, garsh, golly, gee whiz... hehehe. :D

    No prob luv, I was astonished to see so many Swampies return in one fell swoop! Almost as spectacular as spotting Haley's comet :lol:

  13. Only heard from one person (SithSpecter).. but he mentioned something that may work if you're willing.


    If you can add a button that launches the game (essentially making it a "game launcher") then I don't think you'll run in to any problems. :D


    If I hear anything different, I'll let you know immediately.. hehe

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  15. sad to say I haven't even bought the game yet :( RL has a way of interfering with my precious gaming time :fist:


    Hope to remedy that soon, but in all honesty seems all the vitriol about the ending is curbing my appetite for playing the game. Not sure what to expect now (without diving too deep in spoiler limbo).

  16. Nope. I haven't even bought it yet. :¬:


    Got some issues that's come up that's consuming most of my free time. Interfering with all of my gaming time honestly... That, plus with all the dissatisfaction I've heard about ME3's story, etc. it's really dampened my urge to play it. Wasn't really excited about it to begin with.. and it's even less so now. :indif:


    Of course, I will wind up playing it eventually.. if only for closure (and Tali of course, hehe).. but it's not a high priority at the moment. ;)

  17. hehehe! Excellent read!

    Wished I had known about the "vote" (if there truly was one open to the public). I'm going to have to scour the net trying to find the artwork included in the exhibit now :lol:

    Interested to see what stills were chosen from Bio-Shock and FO3...

  18. :devsmoke: hehehe


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  19. :lol: yay! Starting vaycay this weekend and the first thing I'll be picking up after work is ME3 ;)
  20. Yeah, sucks too. Just not Derpy. :(

    I hate this PC bs. :¬:

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