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  1. Mine originated back in my not-so-honest hacking/keygen creation days (glory be to hex editors ) and was a moniker 'given' to me by the irc channel(s) I frequented involving said communities (was originally 'Green Goblin'). Corny and cheesy as it is, "everything" was cooler with a 'Z' added to it back then... ugh. Later when I became 'legit' (honest paying customer.. hehe), I capitalized the "CAN" in the name to represent you "CAN do what you set your mind to". After joining NWN/LF groups, I tacked on the .2da since it was the most frequent style of modding I specialized in. Still a cheesy handle, but I've had it so long now I've grown old and accustomed to it, hehehe. Most every site I've joined, past and present, I have the same username or variant, and am known as such.
  2. Just got through posting mine. Been a NEXUS fan for quite awhile, and it makes managing them super simple. Not to mention the gaming communities(s) are flocking there now that they've opened up the "mods for ANY game" upload wizard.
  3. Seems you left the cage unlocked... muwahahaha!
  4. hehehe.. yeah, I've been busy getting old and boring lately :p

  5. wow. that one flew right over your head huh? fail to see the " " part? you know.. as in "haha" "joking" "etc" Maybe people aren't so much "mean" as you are to misinterpreting things? Carry on.
  6. Agreed! Copied and Stickied to this forum http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=211134
  7. New stuff highlighting some of the solo play rather than co-op/partner. Looks eerily like a return to old school DS1. Can't. Freaking. Wait. [youtube=HD]
  8. What OS? If Win7 try using the ClearType Tuner. Earlier versions (XP/Vista) I think can use an online version to tune the typography. http://www.microsoft.com/typography/ClearType/tuner/tune.aspx Though this is system wide.. if you're only having blurry text in certain programs, might not help. Might try reinstalling Silverlight too. http://www.microsoft.com/silverlight/
  9. hehe.. no worries. Trust me, if I could I would.. I send and receive so many PMs its mind blowing ;)


    but we've had the rule in effect for years now, and if anything.. at least modders can feel secure in knowing we'll (LFN community) never re-post without permission :)


    One of the main reasons I changed my mod permissions to be very broad since a few years back I was incognito several months and no one could get a hold of me :lol: Now just about everyone has "some" sort of control over my mods ;)

  10. If you're just looking for the merge to those (2) mods.. I did one several years (gawdz) ago. Prime has posted the merged .2da on his site. Link is provided in each of the mods' listing. http://warpedproductions.echonetwork.net/index.html However, like the others have mentioned... may require more tinkering if you're adding a ton of other mods. Will be helpful to use as a base however Also have one for merged Stormtrooper/Clone/Jabba Palace.. though stoffe's .2da tools are invaluable nowadays and will probably cause MUCH LESS headaches
  11. It's not my mod, so no.. I (nor anyone else) can post the mod to Filefront. That's the whole reason behind my PM only archive ;)

  12. Asari?! pft ... it's either Quarian or GTFO.
  13. Some would say the same of Star Wars after 1983..
  14. source Lordy Lordy Atari's 40! Ha Ha you're old! Thank you for such great memories. The many, MANY rage-quits. The hours upon hours of gameplay (because the Atari doesn't need no stinking save button ) and of course, the onset of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome... hehe Fond memories of 'almost' every game I've played on the console (I'm looking at you ET). Pitfall, Starmaster, Combat and Raiders of the Lost Ark.. were amongst my favorites. Happy to say I still have a working Atari 2600 Anyone else have fond memories?
  15. Same here. My work keeps me at odds depending on the time of year.. so I have to base my subs depending on the time I can anticipate I'll have free. Usually it leaves me winding up wanting (case in point, my recent un-subbing)
  16. micro-transactions are "usually" limited to consumables/resources and such. Stuff that can be grinded for. That, or usually a slightly more powerful buff/heal/etc. With ToR, it could be any number of things. Crafting Resources/Missions, Schematics, exclusive stims, etc. Trick with Micro-transactions is to offer items that can be gotten in the game normally (or comparable), but requires effort or grinding. Milk the lazy player
  17. Was the smartest move that Turbine did with DDO. New members flooded in and they made a killing with micro-transactions. DDO is huge now (comparative to what it used to be at least). If Bioware was to pull it off.. they'd probably get a flood of new players (and old ones returning). Probably one of the biggest turn-offs of any MMO is the monthly cost. At least seems to be the biggest gripe in all the 'boo-hoo it's an mmo' threads ... hehe
  18. Nice! Bring me back anything good? I like cigars, or booze or just about anything honestly.. hehehe. Surprised you weren't holed up in some frigid ice cave in the middle of nowhere.. was beginning to wonder if the Yeti got ya :D


    Sounds great though, hope you had a great time!

  19. Hoping my time away will be temporary. Busy season and meh-ness aside. I'm sure come the return, I'll be searching out LFN'ers and whatever server you guys have moved on to. You'll know it's me when everyone around you starts asking "is that you ChAiNz?" (aah the memories of that day)
  20. woah.. that's creepy. I just unsubbed myself. Probably for unrelated reasons, but still freaky.. hehe. Were your name(s) not transferable? I simply don't have the time and can't see myself paying for the sub when it comes time to renew (after June, the year gets really busy for me). Plus, I think I'm still in my "meh phase".. I just don't have any interest in gaming atm. As for ToR itself.. I still stand by it, even in my meh-ness It's a fantastic game, and I can't think of anytime when I was playing it I wasn't having any fun. Just wish I had both the time and interest to sit at the gaming rig again. I'm really hoping Torchlight 2 and the recent news about DeadSpace 3 will respark my interest.. but as of late, I'm just not feeling it anymore. Kinda sucks.
  21. You should be able to disable it. I have all of my games to not auto-update (though I admit Skyrim glitched and STILL updated even after telling it not to). If you have a problem with the setting sticking (another Steam problem I agree with you about.. hehe) disable the auto-update then run the game by the .exe itself. Should only have to do it once. The setting should stick after that.
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